Wyze Lamp Socket Not showing up in App

I have had a V3 Cam and just purchased the Wyze Lamp Socket. I got the camera to work. My issue is the lamp socket settings are not showing up in the Wyze App. Therefore, I have to turn the camera off at night. I have spent countless hours trying to figure this out, and read more information on this than I would care to admit. Is my Lamp Socket defective? How do I get it to work like it should. Thank you,

What cable are you using to connect the socket to the camera?

For the connection between the Cam3 and Lamp Socket, I’m using the lamp socket cable it came with.

So are you not seeing the socket as connected in the cams settings > accessories > lamp socket?

That’s where the settings are for the socket.

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The boy thing showing up in that cameras accessory setting is Windsor sensor bridge. Which I do not have.

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Are you sure this is a V3 Cam? Could you send a picture of the camera and a screenshot of the accessories page?


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I checked again and this not a cam3. My other camera is. I will buy another one and try again. I did check before but forgot I have two cameras, and my other camera is the Cam3.

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That makes sense. The lamp socket only supports the cam v3 for control and settings.