Lamp Socket utilizing Wyze AI Events

It would be great if those with Cam Plus can have Wyze AI Events trigger the lamp socket, similar to the options in Notifications. I’m finding that on my busy road, car lights are triggering motion events and therefore my lights are turning on without reason. Having the lights be triggered by a “person” or “vehicle” would be an improvement.

Aren’t headlights proxy vehicle detection? (sorry, couldn’t resist, lol) :slight_smile:

I think you can set a rule – if the camera detects a person, turn on the socket. No vehicles in rules ATM, tho.

I tried setting a rule like you suggested. The socket turned on…and then wouldn’t turn off. The socket doesn’t seem to abide by the “Timer for lamps” when using rules.

Ah yes. Well, you didn’t say you wanted to turn it off too, lol.

The embedded V3 supplemental lights are hard to control, all right. Hopefully your Wishlist item will improve that, thanks for submitting it!

In the meantime, if you have an unused Bulb or a Plug lying around, you can use one of those to work around the situation:

Like above, set a rule that says if the camera detects a person, turn on the socket (Cam Plus required). Add to that rule a second action item – turn on the unused Bulb or Plug.

Then create a second rule that says if the Bulb or Plug has been on for x minutes, turn off the Bulb or Plug AND turn off the socket.

Hopefully that will get you around the situation until your Wish is granted. :slight_smile:

Person detection in Wyze lamp socket

I have a Wyze lamp socket attached to a V3 and front door light. I set the light to be on when motion is detected in the dark. This has worked well until I noticed that the light will turn on even with insects flying around. I have CamPlus. Wyze support told me that currently the light post software detects motion but does not support person detection. I hope that the app can turn lights on in the dark only with person detection instead of any motion.

Person detection for lamp socket

Can person detection be added to the lamp socket? My camera/socket is at my front door and any change in lighting will turn my light on.
This happens many times a night. I would like the option to only have the light turn on when a person is detected and then turn off after a set amount of time.

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This also happens to my Lamp Socket/V3 at my front door. My front door light turns on at night whenever a car with its headlight on passes by my front door at night. This indeed happens several times every night. It will be great if the lamp socket can be made somewhat smart in personal recognition.


Person detection to trigger Accessory light illumination

I love socket and floodlight.

I also live in a very foggy+coastal part of the PNW.

foggy nights trigger outdoor Accessory lights (socket/floodlight)…uhm… I hesitate to say constantly but that’s how it feels. The IR spectrum really lights up floating water vapor.

I’d like to see, especially on the new v3pro edge AI cams a setting to allow me to trigger the Accessory light (socket or floodlight) on for x time only if Cam+ ai event is detected. Specifically for me only if people are detected because I don’t want to disturb the wildlife unnecessary.

Thanks for your wyze consideration.

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