Wyze Lamp Socket - Light socket adapter with USB power port

MOD EDIT: This product is now available for preorder!


Most external locations I would like to place a camera have a light fixture. It would be great to have a accessory that would screw in and allow USB power for a camera and still allow the bulb to work for a wise bulb. This way I can leave the switch on and control the bulb with the app or a rule, and still let the camera stay active all the time. I have seen several options but none are really a good option for a outdoor socket. Or you could make the socket adapter smart so you can control flood lights or a IR illuminator if needed. Just a idea…

You mean like this?

Nyce Power LampCharger Light Bulb Socket Adapter, Light Socket USB Charging Station, USB Charger Ports, Tablet and Phone Charger Adapter | 60W Max (Lamp Charger with 2 USB Ports) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P9SDHRY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_1rTTDbMYHTCPC


Small enough in diameter to fit inside a light fixture. Available adapters are too big in diameter.

There are various form factors and sizes available. You need to do a modicum of research to find one. Your options open up even more if you don’t mind losing the bulb.

I don’t want to lose the bulb, and those I found increase the diameter such that the unit will not fit in the enclosure, which is why the suggestion was made.

This got me thinking so I just made this a minute ago… 5v / 1A output, wired into CFL base. Will need to be hot glued and/or epoxy filled and plasti-dipped to be more weather resistant, but it is a quick & dirty proof of concept.

doesnt allow for a bulb but it is compact…


I’d really like to see an adapter for a light bulb instead of a bulb on its own. I think it would be helpful in different lighting situations.

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You attach it to your lamp or what’s needed so you can control a standard bulb. This would be great in addition to plugs and bulbs Wyze currently offers.

Anyone interested in a light bulb base power supply for a mounting option? With the new V3, it would make outdoor mounting much much easier. A power supply that screws in a standard light base and your camera mounts with a screw or magnet like normal. This would be great for tjose dual security light fixtures. If you are concerned about losing one of your light bulbs, they do have a splitter that allows 2 low consumption lights in one socket. Putting a camera where there has always been a fixture, makes the camera more hidden! Look at the outside of your home and yhink about all the new places you could put a camera without having to worry about where your power comes from!


Not quite what your looking for but good option to replace floodlight.

As of today, a lamp socket adapter that powers Wyze Cam v3 is now available for preorder!


Funny I was looking on amazon for options and found this thread, what do you know what crazy timing; huh!

Will this available in Canada, is it possible to pre-order for Canada?

I do have to say, that you guys must consider placement of any external device, WHITE is not always the best option for both the case and wires. While I get that it’s cheaper, it would be nice to also have some options in black.

It’s also safer, as to ship black to AZ would be the death of the device, which would be costs to Wyze in support & possible replacement. Remember Wyze tries to keep prices down, and part of that is logistics – not manufacturing or warehousing 2 of everything.

I LOVE black, though. :slight_smile: So check out my solution, buying a $6 can of Plasti Dip that you can paint many devices with, and simply peel off later if you need to remove it. Just click on my user icon for my featured article. :slight_smile:

Great idea, but the same 11oz can for $7 in the US is $30 in Canada…

I own the Wyze Cam Outdoor. Why would this adapter only work for Wyze Cam v3 and not the Outdoor cam also?

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The V3 is the only cam that can control lighting accessories like the Spotlight and Light Socket ATM. I do not believe previous incarnations like the V2 or Outdoor cam have the circuitry and will ever be added.

Luckily I’ll never need those capabilities from the only outdoor cam I have rn. I hope that it will work with the solar panel I’ve preordered. Though if so, I don’t understand why it should work with solar panel but not socket power… ?

That the outdoor camera not have those capabilities does seem shortsighted. There have been a couple of products recently that make it seem like product development teams operate in silos. It’s as if there’s no person or team providing oversight cohesion so that products are better integrated. Either way, the lesson is maybe wait for xproduct v2 before snapping up intros. I know I’m going to be mor cautious going forward.

You are talking a couple different points here. The outdoor cam will indeed work with the new solar panel; in fact the solar panel was designed for it.

As for being powered from the socket, the outdoor camera can also accept that as a source. However, the solar panel has a waterproof plug that seals on the outdoor camera. If you use the cable that comes with the socket, you will void the warranty on the outdoor camera, as it will likely fill with water at some point.

The socket is not intended for the outdoor camera because it can not control it. So they wouldn’t have built a special waterproof plug for the socket. So whereas you can power the outdoor camera with the socket, you would both void the warranty, and not be able to control the light bulb.

It was designed and released long before the light accessories were developed.

Good idea, but not sure a new outdoor camera would add those capabilities. The socket doesn’t come with a compatible power connector, and you can easily add a V3 near your house. The outdoor camera is typically meant for more remote locations further from your house.

Technology will always move forward. If you wait for the best of anything you will wait forever. As with any product, just decide if it is worth buying as it is. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to get 2 of these,are these available in Canada? If not i can buy 2 and ship to my friend’s place in the US, or are they presale only? Thanks

Weirdly, I think as long as you only order the socket, you are good to go. If you add in the camera, you are delayed until next month?