Wyze Sockets aren't very smart

I’m disappointed by the Wyze Sockets, they came up short of what I’ve learned to expect of Wyze products.

First, it should be obvious on the product page that this is not a standalone product: While it says it’s compatible only with Cam v3 and can conveniently power a v3, it doesn’t say it is required to connect a v3 anywhere on the product overview page. Maybe I missed it, nope, look on the Details page, not there either, specs page, nope… It’s only found on the product FAQ, and why should a customer have to look that deep to find something that should stand out as important? OK, well I bought something that wasn’t really what I expected or needed, so lets see if I can make due and not return… (That’s where the other issues started)

Second, smart lights allow you to use smart integrations, like Alexa/Google for voice control, and these do not. They aren’t individually wifi enabled, and while the camera is and uses a data cable to the one socket, they have not followed through on making the connected string of bulbs a nameable device/group, which should be entirely possible with this setup and the camera acting as the wifi to the accessory.

You can no longer simply turn on your lights: To turn on the associated lights requires the user to press an icon in the Wyze app to manually turn on the light (mind you not all family members have the app) which actually lowers the convenience in the situations when a basic light switch would suffice. This compounds the lack of smart integrations since kids or guests can’t turn on a light.

Last, I see no way currently to even make a lighting schedule, such as lights on sunset to 10pm, as advertised on the product page. When attempting to Schedule from within the Lamp Socket Settings, I’m led to the typical Create Rule and intuitively go to the Schedule option, but when you go to Add Action and scroll through the device list, these sockets don’t exist to schedule anything to them. Am I missing something?

Wyze, can you give some insight on if these preorders just went out before some features were finished? Roadmap and timeline?

Added notes: After the first night, I noticed that compared to standard PIR motion adapters, these are also at a disadvantage. A road is roughly 300 yards away, and headlights causing lighting change motion turns on the lights. I reduced the detection zone to about 35% and still can’t prevent the lights from coming on every time a distant car passed. A typical motion adapters allows for range and sensitivity and car lighting doesn’t ever trigger, only actual motion. I’m not aware of standard ones being paired to go on and off at the same time, so that is a benefit of this product, but without some jumps in development, I’m feeling these still lack when they can be an outstanding product.

Update: The above is all still accurate as of today’s 12/6/21 Camera Firmware update and latest socket firmware


I’ve been so excited about these sockets and was counting down the days until they finally arrived earlier in the week. Like you, I had no idea these REQUIRED a camera to be installed and simply wanted to be able to control my front and rear lights. I don’t understand why a camera isn’t a nice optional addition, but not a requirement. Even worse is that it doesn’t integrate with the outdoor camera so you’re forced to have a cable handing out of the light figure which looks dumb.

I know I had a couple of firmware updates, but there is an option to set a schedule including dusk to dawn automated turn on / turn off. These options are located under the camera settings which I don’t like either. I think the sockets should have their own icon and the ability to group by socket and not bury under the camera settings.

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What!!! I just ordered 5 of these. I plan to use them to enable generic LED bulbs outside. I thought it only works with Wyze 3 cameras meant that it wouldn’t work with version 2 or the pan cam, etc.

Why would it require a V3 cam?!. They even have a cover for the USB port.

I figured it controlled the behavior if the socket from a rule, not from being done weird parent/child relationship with the camera. This feels a bit like the old ‘developer swing cartoon’. Google it and you’ll see what I mean.

I just reread the original post and I’m dumbfounded. Wow. I thought these would be individually nameable/Addressable as well. It didn’t say that they are controlled by only the camera, but it’s easy for a consumer to assume given that the cameras behave that easy. Ugh. I will have to see when they come how bad this is,. I may be shipping them back soon.

Hey Wyze, how about coming out with a controllable light socket that can be linked, but also powers the USB port regardless of if the female socket in the device is on or not.


They don’t have wireless capabilities, only a Bluetooth toggle signal basically and the cable is a data cable as well as charging cable, so it’s like a dummy peripheral device connected to the computer with the majority of the functional software on the computer. From a technical side, I haven’t thought of a reliable fix other than a cam adding a bridged VM for accessories assigning a Mac and additional IP, and maybe storing on an SD if internal memory is an issue. That would still be dependant on a camera basically acting like a hub though.

I honestly would have thought it would be common sense to make these similar to a smart plug, but just for an outlet to change any fixture to a smart light, and having the ability to power an optional wyze cam would be a plus. Yes, we get there are smart bulbs that do this, but some fixtures have funky bulb shapes that improve the look over standard bulb shapes. Being dependant seems an odd choice and we’ll likely need to wait for v2 to have it function this way.

As an update to my post, I did find setting schedules, and can now schedule my sunset to 10pm I addition to a few minutes upon motion. I’m not sure if that was a more recent firmware or app update. It’s not initiative…

Access the attached camera in app → Settings → Accessories → Lamp socket → Lamp socket again → schedule → new rule → schedule → under add action find the connected camera and there you’ll find turn on/off lamp socket

Seems like several duplicate steps, which makes it a bit illogical, but it’s there…(GUI staff must be on holiday vacation)

I am disappointed that the power cable is just 31 inches long and there is not available an extension usb cable from the male mini usb connector on the lamp socket cable to the female mini connector on the camera cable. I also did not realize that it does not easily control the dusk to dawn light. The several extension cables available have a male mini usb connector on one end and a male usb connector on the other end.

Doesn’t the socket have a regular USB A port? Just use any USB cable with the appropriate plug end.

The original cable has a special 45 degree angle for dust moisture protection. I learned other issues: camera must be on to control the light. Did not expect that

Okay. There are M-F microUSB extension cables though. For example

Thank you. Not what is needed when camera is 20 ft away.

I have returned the bulb sockets. Thank you.

The cable must be a data cable as well. The cable is managing the light from the camera’s settings; they aren’t wireless other than communication Bluetooth from primary to secondary sockets. Power and data over USB would also limit the cable length to around 6’ Max for reliability.

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For 20’ away, the Wyze bulb 2 might do the trick and setup as a group. Alexa integration may further help with rules. You’d need to check if your WiFi reaches the location though. Personally, the Wyze bulbs make more sense than the sockets in most cases, unless you need a cam power source close to the socket.

Huh? The entire purpose of the socket is to power the Wyzecam…

Correct, though Wyze didn’t disclose it was a requirement well. While that was a reply to another person, what I meant was many people thought these were smart sockets, not dependant on an attached camera to function, so the bulbs are the only alternative for the functionality that was expected. The powering a cam, was expected as a feature, not a requirement.


Thanks for your replies. The bulb socket was not at all as I had anticipated. I sent them back. Will try another approach. I don’t use Alexa. I was looking for a wire connection, plus did not realize that camera controls the socket.

Yep, same issue here. Did not reallize you HAD to have a camera. I just wanted to use them to control my outdoor lights. I bought 4 which are now of no use to me. I will have to return them. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Same here very misleading its only good for powering the camera imo and the cord length is a joke!

I purchased 8 of these dumb sockets, not what I was expecting, they require a wyze cam 3 to operate, although you only need one camera to daisy chain up to 5 bulbs via close range Bluetooth when motion is detected,

There is no voice control via Google home or Alexa, the bulb control option is only available by selecting the camera and turning on the bulb option similar to how you would control the mini LED light adapter option sold separately for the wyze 3 that sits on top.

For those looking for a smart socket to control dumb bulbs this is not what you want.

My solution:

I went to Home Depot and picked up 3 of these TORK Smart Socket Indoor Standard Wi-Fi Screw-Based Lighting Socket AND THEY DO Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, no need to open an app although you can install the Tork app if needed. They’re a little pricey at $25 per socket and a bit larger than these wyze sockets but not by much, but I needed them to control my garden flood lamps and my garage shop 5 point shape LED flood lights which aren’t smart bulbs and they work amazing, you can set timers as well, no motion sensor but for that, you can always use a $3 Walmart motion sensor bulb if needed.

Hope the link below helps some of you.

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