Wyze Lamp Socket Item Description ISSUE!

When I purchased these, I thought they would make my lights automated/Smart controlled & also had the option to power and of my original wyze cameras
After receiving them, I realized they are only intended to be used in conjunction with a new V3 Camera & do not add any smart function as a standalone product. The item description has is very misleading & it needs to be updated.
There should be a huge Bold statement at the top of the website with an asterisk “* This item will only function when connected to a Wyze V3 Camera!”

This is a screenshot of the overview on the lamp socket on Wyze’s website. Did you see something different?

On the initial page there is no mention of the Camera being required to function. It does in the first statement state to “make your exterior lighting smart”.

It will not make a light smart without having the v3 cam. It presents the perception that this will make a bulb smart & provide an external power source for a camera. It should state it will when connected to only a v3 camera. This is not anywhere on the original page. It’s very confusing & caused me to buy 4 not knowing they would not work as a standalone product.

Ken Gleaton

It does state it will power a v3. And if you had scrolled down on that page, you’ll see what I screenshot.

I would not have assumed that it would power any camera, since it specifically said v3.

I see what you’re saying, that it isn’t the first thing mentioned, but it is mentioned on that page if you scroll down, which most people do before making a purchase.

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I agree. For someone who is not familiar with the Lamp Sockets already or the V3 Cam, the lack of an explicit notice stating that the Cam V3, and only the Cam V3, is required to perform all Smart functions does leave some really important decision making data out.

If you aren’t happy with them and don’t intend to get a V3 Cam to control them, Wyze does have a great return policy. You can contact Customer Support to start that process.

I have tagged some folks behind the scenes to see if an update to the Lamp Socket Store page can be made to include this important information.

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I did not assume it would power any camera. The ad leads you to believe it is a smart socket that will make a regular bulb smart & can also be used to power a v3 camera.

It needs to be clear before the “purchase/add to cart” that the product will only function & sync if you attach it to a V3 camera. Without the camera, the socket
Can’t be connected to the WiFi. This is not stated anywhere before the button to add it to the cart, not around the add button.
It presents the item in that way

I must have misunderstood what you wrote as this sounds like you thought it would power any camera.

I don’t disagree that the first thing you saw led you to think the socket itself was smart, I was just pointing out that it does state on the first page under the add to cart button how it works.

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This is the top of the page when you open the item in the Wyze Shop.

As you can see, the first line in the description
“Make your exterior lighting smart. Power Wyze Cam V3 without a plug.” Since the two statements end with a period, it makes these 2 independent statements, AKA not dependent on the other. You then have the button to add it to the cart for purchase through the Wyze Shop or Amazon Prime.

There is not a statement or notation anywhere between the opening statement & the add to cart button that informs the shopper that the socket smart feature will only function & connect to your Wi-Fi when used with a Wyze Cam V3. This is actually not stated anywhere on the entire first page.

Does that make sense? I am waiting to return the four I purchased because it appears to be a Smart socket that has the ability to link & connect to a Wyze Cam V3. In actuality, it is a Smart add-on to the Wyze Cam v3 that can provide light for the camera & can be controlled through the camera by motion, timer or automation.
There are many companies that offer a Smart Socket, but I trust the Wyze products & own numerous cameras, bulbs, switches, scales, earbuds, robot vacuum & the handheld vacuum. I am not upset, but a little disappointed & surprised that the product description does not clarify the requirements to make the product functional. I just thought I could help you guys from having a large number of these returned due to the same issue.

I hope this helps…


But that’s not the entire first page. There’s more below it if you scroll down to see the product overview and description.

I understand what you’re saying. I agree that if you don’t scroll down the page it can be confusing based solely on a tagline. I never disagreed with that.

I don’t know if wyze will adjust their verbiage since there’s more on that first page and it is specified how it works.