Smart Socket and camera V3

Have a few questions regarding the integration of the V3 camera and the smart socket.

  1. Does the V3 control the smart socket or does the smart socket control the V3?

  2. Can the smart socket be used independent of the v3? If so is it then just a programmable light timer to set on and off times?

  3. Does the smart socket have a built in motion sensor or is this the function of the V3?

  4. Will a 10 watt LED bulb work in this smart socket?

See the two links maybe they will answer your questions

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Do you have any anticipated date for these units to be available in Canada?
Apparently I can not pre-order as you do not ship to Canada.


Sorry I don’t work for WYZE, just another user like you so I have no answers.

Thanks. Will contact customer service.