Older Lamp/usb socket?

Was there an earlier combo lamp socket and USB port? I’m going nuts trying to control a Feit smart bulb plugged into a 110V socket that also has a USB port for a pre-V3 camera. My Wyze app and Alexa see the camera just fine, but I don’t see anything for the socket. I just ordered the V3-compatible socket. Will I be able to control the Feit (color-tunable) bulb or a conventional LED bulb with that? Was the old socket controllable? Thanks either way?

The Wyze Lamp Socket is installed as an Accessory to the V3 Cam that is plugged into it. The V3 must be plugged into the Lamp Socket using the power cord that comes with the lamp socket. It cannot operate the Lamp Socket without it.

One V3 cam can control multiple Lamp Sockets that are installed together, but the V3 has to be plugged into the root Lamp Socket and it controls them all at the same time, not individually.

The controls for the Lamp Socket are inside the Live Stream for the V3:

The Lamp Socket(s) Settings are accessed thru the controlling V3 Device Settings> Accessories>Lamp Socket Menu:

I have a conventional LED in my lamp sockets and I do not have any issues, although they do cause video banding distortion on the V3 video because of frame rate and frequency conflicts.

A Smart Bulb in a Smart Socket might cause some problems though. When the Wyze Lamp Socket turns the lights off, the Smart Bulb you use is going to be without power and useless. Smart Bulbs are usually only useful when they have power 100% of the time so they remain on the network. When you cut their power they have to go thru their Power Loss protocol and log back into the network every time they power back up.

Thanks. I ordered a new V3 and socket. Then I found that I had an unopened V3 and cancelled the order (Walmart). I put in the new V3 (I’ll use the old one someplace that doesn’t need a socket (or does Ring turn on lights?). But I can’t reach the Accessories set-up for the light because somewhere, somehow, Wyze or Alexa knows about the old light and will only let me operate one light per camera. Later today, I will re-enable the light and camera and see if that works. I may have to swap out the USB cord, too, so thanks for that tip.

Incidentally, a lot of people have complained that you can’t rotate the picture 90 degrees, which rules out wall mounting. I found on the earlier iteration that could get an aftermarket mount that allowed me to rotate the mounting post 90 degrees. I did have to remove the coverplate/screw on the bottom of the camera and discard the mount.

If you are talking about multiple Lamp Sockets being controlled from a single V3, you will most likely need to repair additional Lamp Sockets with the root Lamp Socket that the V3 is plugged into.

If it isn’t already installed in your App, these are installed thru the Add Device setup menu under Cameras.

If it has already been installed, sometimes power losses to one or both of the Lamp Sockets will cause them to repower out of sync. When this happens, turn off the power to all the Sockets, turn on the power to the root V3 Socket, and then repower all the liked sockets within 30s.

The V3 will wall mount just fine. The base is double jointed and the Cam rotates 360° on the base so that it can be easily mounted on a vertical wall. Not sure what the issue is with those reporting this unless they can’t figure out the mechanics of the base. No need for 90° rotation when the cam can be wall mounted and oriented in normal position.