Can a wyze lamp socket power a wyze pan camera?

Can a wyze lamp socket power a wyze pan camera ?

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While it probably can, the lamp socket needs a V3 camera for its smart functions. The lamp socket is not a standalone device, it’s an accessory of the V3 and that’s where it gets its communication and commands from. If you don’t mind the lamp socket not having any smart features then powering other devices might be a possibility. Although the pan cam I believe needs slightly more power than what the V3 needs so there might be some power issues if you try it that way.


I missed the required v3 camera . Since it will be useless in my case, how do I process to return the wyze lamp socket so I can get a refund ?

Depends on where you bought it from, I would contact the seller. If bought straight from Wyze, I’d start the process by contacting Support.