Wyze flood light tips and water proofing tests

I purchased my flood light a few weeks ago.

Its not under an eve.

I was concerned because some people were complaining, that water can sneak behind the camera speaker, and or get into the sd card.

I hsve never experienced these issues

However i like to protect my investment.


Cover the back speaker on your camera only with corrugated pvc pipe tape. Its like electric but better adhesion. The speaker. On the flood light should not be covered. So you can speak to people. I didn’t notice water problems there.

Cover the camera with a silicon white case from amazon. Pay attention to back, make sure it has hole cover ridges. I recommend the holaca version for 8 bucks.

The camera unplugs from the light to place cover on. Unplug it from light not from back of camera, its sealed on camera…the cord wiggles put of.the flood light.you.have to angle it so it slides out. It will at first look like it wont work. It does.

When you plug cord back in pay attention to little line wyze put so it slides all way in. Half way is no good.

Elevated your camera so it sits few mm above the base if stand. This will prevent your sd card
Cover from sitting in a pool of water, if it forms.

After 4 heavy rains everything is perfect.

Water is tricky, ip65 is awsome. But remember, this thing has to last 10 plus years.

Do it, dont just trust ip65. Is it worth saving 8 bucks?

After 3 weeks heavy rains exposed to elements i can attest that therenis no lense fog, water in device, water in bulbs, nothing.

It seems that the wyze flood light with the modifications has protected it.

Without, probably will still be fine, but at least everyone can read my story and understand that my unit works Fantastic. The light also reacts good.

I did have to turn down the sensitivity a little so that passing cars in front wouldn’t keep setting it off, but the options in the app are amazing. You can use pir sensor, or camera… So even if one malfunctions 5 or 10 years later you can always use the other as backup. And it was only 100 bucks.

I recommend this over Lithonia which i spend 150 metal also.
Iithonia got water in the lenses, and i had to seal joints with caulking even though they had gaskets.