Wyze Cam v3 Speaker Holes Weatherproof?

I just received my Wyze Cam v3 and installed it outdoors in open air. This is on the second floor looking down on my driveway. Because of the downward angle, the speaker holes in the back are pretty much pointing upwards fully exposed to rain I guess. I was wondering if that’s ok. Being rated as weatherproof despite the speaker holes I would think it should be ok, but just double checking.IMG_20201124_152154IMG_20201124_152236

The camera is IP65 weather rated. I would recommend placing it under an overhang if possible, but it should definitely be fine like that.

A little further information on the IP rating here:

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Hmm, is that beyond the roof line too? If it were me I’d still consider a housing or lid or some kind of sealing. Even Scotch tape. (My current V2s are under a moderately deep overhang and I have nothing else protecting them.)

I didn’t have my V3 tilted like that but setting on the porch rail with pouring rain plus all the water coming off the porch roof directly dumping on the camera and didn’t affect it, during that time it rained 3 days in a row