Is this why some people have a high failure rate on Wyze Cam v3 and others don't? Is Inverted causing fog in lens?

I received my new Camera and have replaced the defective one. In doing so I discovered why this camera failed and likely why my previous on failed.

I think Wyze has a flaw that makes the Cam 3 NOT waterproof if placed outdoors inverted.

The bottom of the camera has a lip or small cup design at the front of the bottom around the area where the memory card is. So when it rains outside water will pool on the bottom of the camera and over time will drip in around the rubber gasket for the memory card. On this camera I found that the memory card had been wet and even though the rubber seal was on tight over the memory card I assume over time with water POOLing on the bottom of the camera it will get inside.

If the lip didn’t exist on the bottom water wouldn’t pool on the bottom of the camera.

It is a simple design fix that would prevent this type of failure in the future. In the interim would be recommended to tell people not to place Cam 3s inverted outdoors until the problem is solved.

This is the 2nd Wyze 3 cam I have had to replace in six month and both of them are used in low humidity environments that do have rain and snow and bothe are used inverted. Both had water that go inside the lens somehow.



The camera isn’t designed to be mounted upside down. From what I understand there is a way attach the mount to the top of the camera using a magnet hidden there, I think. There is another similar post somewhere in the forum.

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I asked Wyze about this and they said the fact that the 180 invert option is in the software is their because they do expect people to mount them upside down. But for sure it is an issue. I am also wondering if this is the reason why many people have had to replace cameras and other have not.

Well, that and the fact that the camera is described as “weather resistant “ but not “waterproof. “

Yes… As an outdoor camera it should do better in my view. But I guess if they keep giving me a new one every six months that is another way to deal with it.

Why can’t you install right side up? If you need it installed bottom up put a small piece of saran plastic wrap around the bottom of the cam and hold it in place with a rubber band to keep the water from pooling in the recess.

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One of my two cameras I will be able to mount the other way. I mounted it under something so snow wouldn’t pile up on top of it.

For the other it is mounted on the under side of a garage door and no great place to mount other than that (without drilling into brick). So for that one I am going to spread a layer of silicone over the bottom memory card opening to enhance the weak point for water.

But they could have a much better door for the memory card in a better more water proof location. It is just a poor design choice by wyze to put a hole in a place where water will pool up.

Well, I guess water resistant means not waterproof. Sorry it does not meet your standard, but its simply not waterproof regardless of think it should.

Also not as waterproof as Wyze wanted it to be because they are replacing many of them.