Blurred image

I’ve had about 10 Wyze cameras and never had a problem with the image before. Attached is picture of blurred image on my V3 cam, The cam is about a year and a few months old. Cleaning the lens does nothing. Any suggestions? As mentioned, this is the only one of my Wyze cameras that has this issue. Not even my cams that were and are a few years old has this issue. Thanks for any suggestions.

Is this by chance mounted hanging upside down with the 180-degree flip?

I saw someone else who had a similar issue find that it was some kind of water damage on the inside. As I recall, they believed that water pooled on the bottom where the SD card seals and that it somehow ended up leaking into the inside. :scream:

I think they fixed it by taking it apart and cleaning something from the inside, not just the outside lens.

I am not necessarily saying you have the same problem or that you SHOULD take it apart (which would void the warranty), just telling you what I remember a similar case finding. Is your camera still under warranty? If so, definitely don’t open it up before talking to support.


You could also let it evaporate on its own, gently heat it, or store it with dessicants such as silica gel or Damp-Rid (not rice, which is useless here). Some of my camera exhibit this after wet weather but they usually clear up.

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Hello. Yes it is upside down. Also the memory card wasn’t working and I took that out to replace it and noticed a bit of rust on it. I don’t think this should be happening as isn’t this V3 an outside camera?

I don’t speak for Wyze by any means, but my guess is that most of the ipxx rating testing was done with the camera in an upright position, and it passed well that way saying it could handle sprays of water (rain, etc) from every angle.

When upside-down, it seems like some devices (not all) get water to pool there and then it is almost like being submerged under water (which it didn’t pass ipxx certification for) as a pool of water hangs out there and eventually seeps in. Though it seems like a bunch are fine upside-down too. I don’t know what the difference is.

I am sorry to be the bearer of this news though. I would definitely try talking to support about it.

Though if you mount this one upside-down again (after fixing the water mark), I’d try to have it somewhat under an eaves, or get a cover for it just to be safe, or try to mount it right side up if possible. Might be best to do the same for any replacement or new one too just to be careful and prevent risk of the same thing.


Had this issuee with 2 of my upside down outside cameras. Had the same rust on the sd card contacts and now that 1 cam doesnt recognize sd cards anymore. Tried sealing it in a bag of rice, then tried a bag of damprid. Both made no difference. Finally took the cam apart and wiped off the sensor and the lens. Still made no difference. Im pretty sure the condensation “dried” and left behind minerals and stained the lens or sensor permanently.
My real solution was to replace the camera (fortunately I stocked up on cameras when they were actually cheap). In order to keep this happening again, I got some clear packing tape and “sealed” the camera all the way around the fronts and sides, also making sure to completely cover the sd card flap and the reset button.