Blurry, cloudy image

I now have 3 wayze v3 cameras that have a cloudy blurry image. Day or night does not matter. If I can post a picture of the lens you can see one of the internal lens elements have a coating damage. I dont know what to do.

Return to Wyze for a warranty replacement, many customers have for this reason.


It looks like water got past the seal(s). Give Wyze Customer Support a call to arrange for a replacement:


I tried to chat with wyze support for this same issue with 2 of my 9 cams. After explaining things and providing proof of purchase, I was disconnected 3 times in the middle of each chat.

I gave up. Generally I have been satisfied with my decision to buy Wyze Cameras and the cloud service, but I am extremely disappointed with the support experience. The process to simply replace a defective product should not be that hard to accomplish.

I realize this is an old thread (and I see a few more similar threads) but I have the same problem with one (so far) of my V3 cameras. Unfortunately, it is beyond 1-year since the displayed “device info - activation date”. Since there seem to be quite a few with this same problem, I wonder if Wyze is willing to replace an “out-of-warranty” camera at their cost, since it does seem to be a manufacturing defect? Anybody from Wyze watching these old threads?

I doubt it. Send an email to support and see what they say.

I would still contact Wyze Support and tell them of the issue. This is a user community and is very helpful with issues that arise, the official channel for assistance is contacting Support. I don’t know if they can do anything beyond take your information and pass it along to the developers/engineers, but I would still check as that will help with the potential bug/ defect reporting.