Getting a blurry image on a Wyze cam v2

Got a replacement camera one year ago for a previous one developing purple areas
but now after several months the new camera is giving blurry images, there is nothing over the lens, the firmware is at the latest version
and the night mode toggle has been switched manually several times, but the problem remains, I am testing side by side with and older camera that has no problem, and is giving a good image in the same position. one year ago I was able to contact wyze support bia email, but now it seems the email is not monitored, and now the zendesk site is only giving me an option to call +1 (206) 339-9646
because of my location outside US it would be highly inconvenient trying to call that number… is there any other option?

same spot with the older unit

I would have a read here, see if this is your issue.