SD Card dies when it rains

I have a V3 mounted upside down not in the direct rain but they do get wet. The sd card died after the first time it rained and I attributed it to a bad sd card but it just rained again and the sd card is dead. I think because it is mounted upside down and there is a little lip at the front edge, it causes water to pool up around the sd card slot and eventually get in.

Does anyone know of a good water proof mount that is sold somewhere. I’ve looked around and I don’t see a Wyze product but do see some from other manufacturers but they get bad reviews.

There have been some reports of water getting in when the cam is mounted upside down. The water pools up and just seeps in. If your able to mount it right side up that would be ideal, but if not you can try tucking it back under something more so water can’t get on top of it. Also make sure you have the rubber gasket seated all the way.

I have never used a case for a v3, but there are lots on amazon and their just plastic so really anything will be decent.

You can also make something to cover the base of the cam. Some users have used a rain gutter piece upside down

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I think I’ll try one of those cheap amazon plastic mounts just so I can flip it over and mount it the other way. It is an expensive test though because I have to buy a new sd card then wait for it to rain (doesn’t happen that often here).

Depending on how often you’ll need to remove the card, you could always lay down some silicone caulk etc.

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I was tempted to do that but I hoped that there was some wonderful more rain resistant case that someone knew about. I will have to buy another sd (going to get a cheap 32gb instead of the 128 I had in there) to test with. I may cover it with a piece of gorilla tape.

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