Outside upside down

I have a doorbell camera which only captures motion when people get on my sheltered entry way. People could have a party on my driveway and I would never know.

I want to mount a Wyze Cam upside down under the eve in front of my small entry way to capture motion in my drive way and front yard. I have a plug in on my entry way and was thinking of simply mounting this naked since it would be upside down.

I live just south of Dallas with varied weather from scorching summers to wet springs and falls with mild winter that occasionally dips below 20 degrees.

Has anyone had a similar installation and does it work?

Are there any mounts for naked setups or just place screws through the base?

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I have several Wyze Cam V2s sitting “naked” outside under eaves and I haven’t had any issues despite a very wet climate and cold winter. One is just perched on conduit, no mounting at all, and the other two are stuck to the magnetic mounting plate (included with the camera) that’s stuck to the soffit or siding.

If you want something more secure you could get a mounting bracket with screw holes, something like this:

I put screws through the base; works perfectly. I drilled two smile pilot holes before screwing the base into the wood surface. To be safe, I made sure to add some slack to the power cord to create a dip in the off chance any water made it’s way down the cord. If that happened, it would have a spot to drip vs. going into the back of the camera.

I appreciate the replies. I will try one in a couple days. Like others have said, the price isn’t too bad if it fails.