Three Questions about WYZE Cam v3 and the WYZE Spotlight

WYZE Cam v3 and the WYZE Spotlight


I have three questions.

1.) Is it possible to mount these upside down?

2.) Is the spotlight WYZE sells for this adequate? What is the approximate distance it illuminates?

3.) What is the best bracket to use to mount the camera if you use the WYZE Spotlight addon? Will your recommended mount work upside down as well?

Thank you!

We have 22 V3 and 7 with spotlight kits and we now add the kits on all outdoor cameras,and we have 2 cameras that are mounted upside down and yes works just fine,we have all spotlights set to come on with motion only,we keep extras kits in stock for our customers so for under $60.00 cam/spotlight its so cheap

So you only use the WYZE Spotlight kit? Nothing more? Awesome! Is there a setting that will need to be switched to mount the cameras upside down?

What type of mounts do you use for outside? And for upside down?

Thank you kindly for all your help!

Go look our service technicians do all the installation and its fast and easy,they did tell me it set to motion to come on

there is a button in the app to switch it and rotate image 180 degrees
here’s some more information for you to read

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Pardon my total ignorance. How would I find what you’re speaking of? What your install techs of have done.

I was talking with one of technicians sorry,what I ment is the spotlight is fast/easy to install there’s a 3M dobble stick on the spotlight…go to the wyze web site and look at the spotlight kit

Okay. Now I’m even more confused. Lol

So I the camera being mounted outside is no big deal because it’s waterproof. Dumb question is the flood light waterproof? Does mounting the camera and the floodlight via screws and anchors in to the bottom of the soffit sufficient?

Will the light light up our heard enough to stop someone back there?

Its all water proof I told you to go to the wyze page and read up on them,I’m out of here I have family here and my husband is bitching at me bye

No you didn’t , you never said that in any of your posts in this thread