Wyze cam v2 housing upside down

Has anyone had luck finding a cam V2 housing for upside down mounting? All I can find are housings with mounting brackets. I don’t need the mounting bracket, I just need a protective housing to put on it and mount it upside down from a ceiling.

No, but you might want to hold that thought?

The rotating image departure only applies to the Outdoor Cam, not the V2 or Pan Cams.
I have not seen a housing designed for inverted mounting a V2. I would expect Amazon to have at least one if anybody makes one at all.


Because that’s how it’s getting mounted, and it has the potential of weather exposure. You’re going to have to trust me on this.

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All of the housings cover the bottom so mounting using the original magnet won’t work. If the bottom were left exposed and mounted upside down the camera wouldn’t be weather protected anyway.

“If the bottom were left exposed and mounted upside down the camera wouldn’t be weather protected anyway.”

Correct; therein lies the problem. Just asking if anyone has found a housing for use with upside-down mounting, without the bracket. Doesn’t seem like I’d be the first person looking for this.

Okay, dumb question: the camera is a cube – can’t you just turn it over in an existing mount? Several of the mounts I’ve seen enclose the camera and use their own mounting arms.

No personal experience as my outdoor V2s are bareback.

Good thought, but the housings, at least the ones I use, are designed for the cable to feed out & down. That prevents the case from going over the cam.
Good thinking though!

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Have a look at this one.



Ok, i thought you wanted to use the stock camera magnetinc mount rather than an aftermarket mount.

I do wish to use the existing mounting base that comes attached to the camera, but with a housing just like the one Tomp posted, but suitable for upside down. I think I am going to end up just building a shelf / housing, or mounting it a lot further away than I really want to so I can mount it on the side and keep it right side up. I had the perfect place that didn’t require mounting hardware or drilling into walls, etc., but I will need to come up with an alternate solution. Thanks for the replies.

I really still don’t see the problem with using existing housings and turning the camera over. I just examined one of my V2s to be sure. The cable can be rerouted, trimmed, or replaced. The extendable base can be removed with a screwdriver. You could drill the enclosure a bit to accommodate the cable, etc.

Actually in most cases the indoor cube must be mounted upside down. Unless you have a shelf of cabinet located in the middle of your ceiling the only way to mount it is upside down.
When I use the pan cams outdoors that’s the only way to mount them do they stay out of the weather. Upside down under a porch roof or the roof edges.
So far I haven’t tried the outdoor camera. Bit of a high price and you don’t get any more than you have with the cube ones.
As far as people detection, doesn’t work with the v2 or pan. Unless cats and lawnmowers count as people. Well the cats are debatable.
For the most part with indoor cameras, mounting makes no difference as long as you can flip the image.