Upside down mounting

Does the cam pan/app support mounting the camera upside down…as from a ceiling or beam? Can the picture be rotated/flipped?

Hello! Yes, the Wyze Cam Pan can be mounted upside down and the image can be rotated 180 degrees in the Wyze app (same as the Wyze Cam v2). The base of the Wyze Cam Pan has a screw hole that accepts most tripod mount screws (1/4-20) if that’s helpful to you in mounting it.

Hope there’s a YouTube video of the mounting soon.

Cool. Pretty sure that one of the two that I ordered will end up being mounted upside down from the ceiling.

I was just wondering the same thing. This will now be mounted from the ceiling in the garage

Now the problem becomes finding some kind of mounting plate with a 1/4 x 20 male tripod screw that you can fasten to a beam or a plasterboard ceiling and then screw the camera onto that. Too bad they couldn’t have put a magnet in the base with a metal plate like they did with the original Wyze cam.

Something like this?


I think I will try this one on Amazon for mounting.

OdiySurveil ™ Metal CCD Security Housing Mount Bracket for CCTV Camera



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Only if you can mount this tripod upside down on a ceiling! Nope, don’t think this is the answer.

The tripod is not what he’s looking for. What he needs is a hanger bolt such as this:

Put the wood screw part into a ceiling beam and the machine screw end into the camera base. You will likely want to shorten the machine screw end, but a hack saw and file will take care of that.

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Now that’s more like it! Add a couple of screw anchors for use on plasterboard ceiling and I think this would work just fine…and just $6.79!

Thanks…good job of hunting up a solution. Oh, just noticed that apparently screw anchors are included. Even better!!

kind of what I was thinking

Pretty sure he did it for the affiliate code and the dollar or two he may get if people click it and buy it ?


That mount looks nice but it seems unnecessarily complicated with the swivels and such. The Cam Pan already does these things. Would like to find a plain mount with just the ceiling screws and the tripod type screw.

I wonder if the Cam Pan will even swivel properly if mounted upside down. I’m sure they tested the motor plenty in the upright position but…



I posted it earlier, but here it is again:

I was thinking about using 3m command strips. Some are rated for upto 16lbs and the Pans specs indicate it weighs less than 9ozs.

This one will work :

Wyze should sell similar mount :slight_smile:

Yup, came here to suggest the same. Run a hanger bolt into the ceiling, and screw the camera onto that.


While having a tripod mount on this new camera is nice, I wish the bottom was also magnetic like their other cameras. That magnetic bottom has come in handy so many times, at least for me. Now I have to buy a tripod or magnet to attach to the bottom, adding to the cost of the camera.

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