Mounting upside-down

I mounted my pan cam v3 upside-down however the video was also upside-down so I changed it to rght side up however because it’s hung above the front door, I can’t see anything but the base when it pans toward the porch where a person would be. Suggestions?

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When you mount the PanV3 upside down, there is a setting within the Cam Settings :gear:, Advanced Settings, for “Rotate Image 180°”.

That will allow you to keep the cam mounted upside down and view and control the Pan\Tilt in the correct orientation for the app.

I have all my PanV3 cams mounted upside down hanging from the soffits.


Thank you so much. I’m not very tech savy if you couldn’t detect. Where can I find these advanced settings. I’m also struggling to connect and set up the light socket to power this cam… it’s frustrating

I’m the upper right of the Live Stream, after opening the cam, click the Settings :gear: Gear

Then look for Advanced Settings

Then you will be able to find the Flip 180° setting.

Unfortunately, you may find out that you’ll only be able to power the Pan Cam v.3 and you’ll lose the special features of the Wyze socket.


I missed that from your reply. Thanks for taking note of that @qqmiyataqq1!

Actually, it most likely won’t power the cam either.

The Wyze Lamp Socket can only be controlled by the Wyze Cam V3. That is the only cam with the Firmware capable of communicating with the Lamp Socket. The PanV3 lacks this capability.

The Lamp Socket USB port is an active Data Port that communicates with the V3 Cam thru the special Data Cord that ships with the Lamp Socket. As such, it only produces power at 5V and 1A. Tha Pan V3 requires 5V and 2A to operate as the components within it are a bit more power hungry. The Pan V3 may initially live stream, but running the motors will most likely starve the antenna of power and knock it offline.

The Pan V3 must be powered with a 5V 2A Power Adapter.

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