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Hi All,
Just installed a newly purchased Outdoor cam, It’s a ceiling mount and that leads to my question. Can it be installed upside down? The help center video says “no” and to attach the cam to the mount from the top of the cam (the cam doesn’t appear to attach as firmly that way.) Yet in other documentation it’s says yes and to use the 180° image rotate option in the app. These contradict each other. Any thoughts?


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You surely can. Once you have the camera setup on the Wyze app go into the camera settings by selecting the camera, then select the gear on the top right, then choose advanced settings, then toggle the rotate image 180 degrees option. No save needed, just back out and you should be all set.

The wyze outdoor camera is a littler beefier but the magnet will support the weight.

As seen holding upside down

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The main thing that will happen to you is the PIR motion sensor will be upside-down and looking for motion on the ceiling, not the floor. So it may never wake up to record a video.

Yours is indoors, but if it was outdoors the waterproofing would be compromised because the camera opens at the bottom.


Oh yea, and that :wink:


Little unknown secret I guess. There was a post in another Forum Topic which indicated - If you take the Camera off of the bottom swivel point, and move it to the top where the faint wyze logo is, you will be able to mount it with the PIR in the correct location. The top of the Camera is built so you can put the magnetic base there for mounting as the OP indicated:


Does it charge wireless too?:wink:
(It doesn’t, yootech)

I was not aware of that as well. I wonder if there is a plate in there or if it is just pass thru from the other side


I think there is. Wyze said to not mount it inversely. :slight_smile:

Guess I should have thought through how I took the picture and what I used as a stand… :slight_smile: