Outdoor camera lastest version camera keeps going upside down

Hi so yesterday there was a new firmware update for the cameras. This morning when looking at my outside cameras the picture was upside down. These cameras have been up over a year and the picture is rotated 180. So they show correctly. And there was never a thing that said they should be mounted a certain way. Now this morning there is a picture that shows how to mount the cameras. So they are up right when mounting. But there is an error in the picture. You can’t mount the camera one way it is shown. I circled it so everyone can see. There is no way to mount the camera that way. Or at least the first version cameras you can’t.

If you remove the stand from the cam, you can stick it to the top. It’s just magnetic.

The issue with flipping the cam is known, and Wyze is working on it. Make sure your cam and base are up to date and then get a log in the cams settings > Wyze support > submit a log. Post the log number here. Thanks!

My outdoor camera keeps doing this. Everytime I open the app the image is inverted and I toggle the 180 deg button to switch it back. Rinse and repeat. I tried turning it off and on while mounted correctly. Interesting I have 2 of these identical cameras on the same firmware, bought the same day and the issue only happens on one of them.
I have submitted log 858473.

This is still an issue. Are they ever going to fix it? Had the outdoor cam upside down for nearly 2 years, no issues. Even got the solar panel. Suddenly, they screw it up with an update and I have my doubts it will ever be fixed. These are the guys that still haven’t cracked the code to enable dark mode on an app that you look at in the middle of the night (I love getting blinded by a white screen when checking outdoor motion in the dark). I have the camera mounted on the bottom of a slanted support, otherwise I would just turn it right side up.

I believe this is in beta and is working correctly, so it should be out soon


Yep, you can track the beta here:

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You’re fix didn’t work. It still flipping around.

If your on the latest beta version of the WCO firmware, please post that your still experiencing this issue in that beta thread.

Can you tell me what actual FW version the cam and base are on? Check in device settings > device info

Mine is also still broken. Image will go upside down every time, straight after I toggle the ‘Rotate image by 180 degrees’ switch. Doesn’t matter whether that switch is on or off, the image will go back to upside down the next time I view it.

Plug-in 2.38.1

Update, I just installed the beta and it appears to be working correctly. I will update again if the issue reappears.

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Mine still resetting to upside down. Same firmware that you have. Wonder what’s wrong with it.

Same issue with my Wyze outdoor v1 firmware

No problems for 2+ years until now. Should I purchase different camera from Ring or another company that doesn’t break their products with bad firmware updates? I may also cancel Wyze can plus as i have been slowly losing faith in Wyze products.