Outdoor Cam Rotate 180 Not Working

Not sure if anybody else has noticed this, but after the most recent Outdoor Cam update, the “Rotate 180°” feature appears to be broken. Does not matter how I set it, once I close out the app and return, my view is always upside down.

I’m sure you guys are already looking into this, but wanted to post just in case you weren’t aware of a possible issue.

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Yes i have the same problem with both my wyze outdoor cams.

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@Jfbreaks @Rez
This is an issue we are currently looking into, we have halted the firmware update while we do this.


Cheers team!

Chalk me up as another one having this problem. Only with the outdoor cams.

Same here. Glad its being worked on.

Same with me, sent the log, still have not received any response

I have the same problem. This is why I am here. Is there a way to roll back to the previous firmware?

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I got a response not guaranteed also no straight option

Same here 180 Deg stopped work images upside down also new Outdoor cam 2 180 degee shows it flipped as if is’t the other side of house looking from… odd changes…

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Same here. mounted under house eve and everything’s upside down.

Same problem and same question. Is it possible to rollback?

Yes, I have the same issues since the firmware update. Very frustrating.

any updates?

I have had this issue as well. Thought it was just me after placing lights up outside!
Keep us posted!

We started beta testing the fix an hour ago. Looks promising:




Downloaded and working properly now. Thank you.

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How do you download the fix for this? All my camera state that the firmware is up to date.

I don’t know if it’s 100% correct but what I did was go to wyze.com and scroll to the bottom. Click on Beta Testing and then the bold word PAGE in the article. Once you’ve done that, go to your APP on your phone and click on Account and find Beta Testing. Click on that and it sent me a message that said I was now a Beta Tester. Close your APP out and then re-open it (may take a little bit). Pull down on the screen to refresh the site and it popped up the box for update and it shows Beta Update. Then just update them all as a mass update like normal.
Mine worked the first time through and are working fine today.