Outdoor Cam Rotate 180 Not Working

I am trying to sign up for beta testing and download the beta app but have had problems following the instructions. Any suggestions?

Bill McClung

Did you sign up for beta testing via the link to the Google Play Store?

Become a Tester

When you are accepted by Google, you’ll see a message on the screen when you revisit the page:

You’ll also see a bunch of beta program references when you click on the Wyze app in the Google Play Store from your phone or tablet:

Last night when I tried to join the Beta Tester App, the app stated the beta tester group was full. I a not seeing the same message this morning, otherwise I would have posted a screenshot.

I am a newbie to the cameras, but will Wyze end up sending out a firmware update to fix this issue, or will I have to go through the beta testing steps listed above to end up getting this fixed?

The test is in beta, so once Wyze verifies it works and has no issues, it will be rolled out to the public

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Same issue here. 1 camera has the left to right flip issue, and the other the 180 degree problem

Glad to find this topic. Was just searching to see if this was a known issue.

Great but how about the fix for the outside cameras that are not allowed to do a 180° rotate

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Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 & v2 Firmware Beta Test 12/14/2022

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This was fixed under the beta firmware weeks ago. Please download it by opening your wyze app. Go to Account>About>Wyze Beta Program. Join that then it will let you download the beta firmware. Let me know if that fixed it.

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There was a firmware update yesterday on mine, and it finally fixed the issue.

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