Floodlight V2 upside down Installation

Can anyone answer for me before I purchase the floodlight camera V2 if it can be mounted upside down? My current mounting location is a tad low and I’d light to be able to mount the light upside down in order to have the camera at a higher level. I guess ultimately is the camera able to swivel 180* so that its motion sensor is still facing down while the lights are under it?

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There’s a similar thread here:

That’s actually nothing like my question. That thread is about mounting it horizontally. My question was about still mounting it vertically but upside down.

That linked topic does have photos/diagrams of the swivel action of the camera.

From the looks of it the camera could swivel the way you want, but tilting it down enough to get a desired camera and/or PIR angle may be tough due to the body of the mount.

I personally don’t have the floodlight V2, so hopefully some other folks can chime in here with their mounts and ideas.