Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 Mounting Options

I have existing floodlights that I want to replace with Wyze Cam Floodlight v2.
My Floodlights are mounted under the soffits on a horizontal surface.

All the promotional pictures and videos show only wall or vertical mounting.

So can this be mounted horizontally? There are no indicators or documentation that suggest it is possible.

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Looks like there is already conversation about this over here:


I see it, thanks!

So that thread really didn’t seem to answer the question the OP had.
My issue is similar. I want to mount it under an eave/soffit, where I am replacing an old flood light. If I mount it HORIZONTALLY, with the hardware out of the box, correctly, not upside down, the angle of the camera is such that it is almost pointing DIRECTLY at the ground. If I try to tilt it up, at the angle of the mount, it will not go up any farther.
I would guess there HAS to be a round 4" junction box that is “L” shaped, but I don’t see anything like that. Any suggestions? I have read you can mount it upside down, but I see no way in the app/device interface to invert the camera view.
Another issue I am having is the wiring I have it connected to was from the old floodlight setup. That wiring is connected to an ‘On/Off’ switch in the house. If I turn it ‘Off’, the light or the camera does not work. If I turn the switch ‘On’, the camera works, but the light stays on continually. Am I missing something with the motion detection and the floodlight coming on and off? I do not see anywhere in the settings to adjust this. I also have a regular front porch light that is motion detected and it turns off after a certain period of time, even with the switch in the ‘On’ position.

Thanks in advance!

I came here looking for the same answer. I want to replace my flood light that is under the soffit as well.

Does the camera swivel on its mount arm?

It does, but it only swivels so far up based the max distance it will swivel. if I turn the cam upside down, then it will swivel up high enough to capture the driveway, etc. But then the image is upside down.
The only solution I can think of is some type of “L-shaped” junction box that will allow me to connect the hardwire, then connect the camera at the other end of the “L” to point the direction it needs to

In “Advanced Settings”, theres’s a an entry (Rotate Image 180°) to turn image right side up.

Support told me the same thing but there is no such setting for the v2 camera.
All that is under Advanced Settings is 'record to microsd card;, ‘manage sdcard’, ‘night vision mode’, ‘camera status light’, ‘show timestamp’, 'show wyze logo, ‘record sound’ and ‘synch time’

Can you post pictures on how you have this camera mounted? Or pictures of where the mounting location is? Thanks in advance!

I want to mount it flush/horizontally where the black tape is currently holding it in place. However, the arm is currently extended up as much as it will go. If i mount it flush on the horizontal surface, then the cam itself points at the ground.
I CAN rotate it 180° but then the image is upside down as well, and i see no settings to flip it. Ty

Yes, there is; 2 items above “Show Wyze Logo” is, “Rotate Image 180°”.

To be sure, is this Flood Cam V2 or V2 cam? But even for Cam V2, there’s the same setting.

You sure you can’t get to look like this?

Rotate the base so the camera is forward, towards the way it is looking. Then swivel the camera like in the pictures.


Is that not how you’re trying to mount the camera?

I ordered it then I got to thinking that I didn’t see any horizontal mounting.
So I asked my question.
I get it tomorrow.

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Perfect, thanks!

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its the floodcam V2 and I do not see the option to 'Rotate Image 180"

All of my cameras have that setting, including the flood V2.

maybe I need to DL the latest software on my phone. All my cams have the latest firmware, but ill see if that may be the issue with the 180