Wyze Doorbell cam detection zone rotated 90 degrees after update to

After updating the firmware on my doorbell cam to, I noticed that my detection zone wasn’t blocking the correct areas. I eventually discovered that the area being detected was actually rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise to the map of the detection zone. In other words, the area ACTUALLY being detected was 90 degrees counter-clockwise to the area INDICATED in the detection zone map. Prior to this latest update, the detection zone was accurate, and matched the map correctly.

When I select the doorbell cam from the home screen, the image is first upright and low-resolution, then it briefly rotates 90 degrees clockwise, then it rotates back to the upright position in HD. I noticed that the latest update mentioned that it “Fixed a rotation issue in Wyze Home Monitoring.” Perhaps by fixing that rotation issue, it created an additional rotation issue with the detection zone?

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I too noticed the flippity floppity behavior of the image when opening the live view after this FW update. It also knackered my TinyCamPro image rotation feed. I think they tinkered with some image rotation setting to make it work in the Monitoring tab view, but it has produced some unforseen consequences.

I did check my detection zone, but it looks right. It may also be a product of your device… The detection zone will no longer auto rotate into landscape. Not sure of your particulars or what you are seeing.

My detection zone “looks” right, but is actually detecting differently from the Detection Zone Map. My map shows the top of the screen blacked out (similar to yours) but it’s actually blocking the left of the camera frame (as if the zone were rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise to the image.)

That’s interesting. I have gotten hits as well outside the zone… BUT… The zone is only for motion detection activation, not for AI tagging. Any slightest bit of motion inside the zone, depending on your sensitivity, will set off a motion event… Hello sun beam! Then the entire full frame video is interrogated for AI. If the AI object is anywhere in the full frame, it gets tagged, even if it is outside the detection zone.

I get vehicle hits from the road all the time and that is blocked out.

How did you test and verify the zone was rotated without visual confirmation from within the zone assignment in the app?

I am having the same problem. It sometimes takes up to 3 minutes now to connect the doorbell to view an image. I am still trying to find out from support if there is a way to roll back a firmware upgrade.

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Unfortunately there is not unless Wyze pushes it. Since the doorbell has no SD card, firmware cannot be flashed. If you are experiencing the same load time issues as others, suggest you also post on the FW Release thread.

Thanks. That is what I was afraid of. I see on the forum I am not the only one experiencing this issue. I sure hope WYZE gets a fix firmware for this in the near future!!

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