Detection Zone Not working (doorbell pro)

I’ve tried to contact wyze support but didn’t find it helpful, posting here to see if other people are experiencing similar problems, hopefully, I can hear a solution.
I’ve noticed detection zone is not obeyed by my doorbell pro for a couple months, it’ll trigger events outside of the zone. This is super frustrating as it drains my battery really fast and made the notification really often thus useless.
I’ve attached how I set up my zone as well as some example recordings. (you can see i intentionally deselect 1 row to avoid any possible overlap on the sidewalk)
I don’t think any pixel within the zone is changed during the event. also I’ve tried to only show 1 pixel but still got recordings!
This makes me wonder if the detection zone is even working, but please let me know if you have any guesses why it triggers events for me or if there’s any solution for that.


I can’t upload video but these are some example videos where those cars drove outside of the zone and triggered recording.

another example of people walking outside of the zone.

I don’t see that anyone responded. I have the same problem. I’ve also played with the sensitivity without success. I’ve gone all the way to Low and it misses my mailman walking right up to the camera, but it catches me opening the door to get my mail. Pretty sure the detection settings are pretty much worthless.

I started having the same problems when I changed the detection setting a few days ago. Thing was, I never used the detection zone feature, and my doorbell is oriented the same way: looking out into a street. It sometimes picked up vehicles driving on the street, but not often, but then I turned on detection zone while turned sensitivity to 4 from 3 and now It’s picking up A LOT of traffic. I’ve tried to limit the zone to just at the front porch and pulled down the sensitivity to 2 but it’s still picking up the cars. I have no clue what’s happening with the software at this point…

I had two packages delivered today. One from Amazon and the 2nd from the USPS. The Amazon package delivery was recorded on video. The USPS package showed up with no video evidence. This is with Detection Zone turned on and Sensitivity at 2. Looks like I have more adjustments to make. :man_shrugging:

I got the doorbell last month and have the same issue - the detection zone settings do not seem to work - the camera picks up from the entire field of view.

I’ve had the same problem since I bought my doorbell pro almost two years ago, and I’ve brought it up a few times before. Apparently, there is no fix for this if you’re on battery power. The doorbell “wakes up” and starts recording before checking the detection zone (or something like that). It’s not something they can fix. The best solutions I’ve heard so far was to switch to using power (which defeats the purpose of buying the doorbell for situations that don’t have existing doorbell wiring). I wish they would print that little detail on the doorbell packaging/spec sheet, so people could know before buying the doorbell, and then wondering why detection zones are being ignored. Something simple like “Note: Detection Zones do NOT work when used on battery power only.”