Setting Detection zone on iPhone for Doorbell Pro

When I try to set the detection zone the Wyze app shuts down. Why is this happening, what am I doing wrong?

Can you send a screen recording of the issue? Are you able to reproduce it every time?

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Welcome to the forum @waynegdc!

Not knowing what all you’ve done to troubleshoot. A little more info is needed to help assist you with this issue.
Can you tell us what Wyze App version you are running and what Firmware Version you have on your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro? And if there are updates for the App and Firmware give updating them a go and try the Detection Zone settings again.

Thank You

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Wyze app ver 2.31.0 (7)
Firmware ver 1.0.64

Everything is up to date

Right on. Thanks for the information.

Have you tried clearing the Wyze app cache, logging out of the Wyze app and logging back in?

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Touch here to create a detection zone.
Motion in the gray block areas will no longer trigger Event recording.

As soon as I touch the screen the app closes.

I have seen weird things when you set the display size to larger than default. Have you by chance adjusted the Display Size?


I have not changed anything.