Cannot Set Up Detection Zone

When I attempt to change the detection zone for the camera all the blocks are dark and there is no video. This is a first for me. All the cameras are upto date in firmware. I am stumped!

Discussed here

Same issue with my WyzeCamOutdoors v2. I can view live video, but detection zone is black with no video,

Sorry ya’ll… Posted that to the wrong thread. Please disregard.

Same for me

Here is the one I was looking for…

@gyzmo has reported this to Wyze on the App Update Release thread:

@WyzeGwendolyn requested logs shortly thereafter

And @Xchen duplicated the detection zone bug and referred it to the developers.

Since Wyze is monitoring that thread for reports and logs due to the app update bugs, might be beneficial to push app logs and then post over there to keep them motivated.

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