Detection Zone Settings Blank Again!

Tried to change my Detection grid settings and they are blank. This happened before apparently it’s happening again. It’s becoming harder and harder to invest more into the Wyze camera ecosystem when there are so many issues making my cameras useless.

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Hi resist , I understand the frustration

As you mentioned , this issue has come up before after an app update and we have a fix for this !!

When you open the detection zone and it doesn’t load the live feed of the camera you can go to your phones home page and then go back to the screen of the detection zone and it should load back up or you when you open the detection zone , turn off the phone and turn it back on and it should load up the live feed

I hope this helps .

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Your first solution didn’t work at all and the second solution only works temporarily. After turning off my phone and turning it on again while in the Detection Zone it comes back but when I close the app and go back into the Detection Zone it’s blank again. Just another software glitch caused by Wyze, why can’t they get their act together?!


I’ve noticed that when Wyze fixes old bugs , new ones take its place…

It’s just something we’re all used to by now so it doesn’t phase us anymore.

Submit some Logs , and let’s hope Wyze is able to fix this asap

Maybe you accept sloppy programming but I don’t. If Wyze took the time to test things prior to releasing the software then we wouldn’t have to keep submitting logs!

I was just offering my help to an issue

I’m more critical of Wyze than anyone else , take your frustration somewhere else…

My frustration is not directed at you. If you took it that way I’m sorry.

No you’re all good . I understand where you’re coming from

Wyze has bugs and can be a bit unreliable and frustrating.

I’m very critical of Wyze , I don’t just sweep these things under the rug . I hurt a few fan boys feelings here and there but I believe constructive criticism is important for a company to improve on

All we can do is just hope they step up their game , they’re supposed to beta test their firmware before releasing it to the public

And it seems like a bug has made it through the cracks “again”

Lately it feels like we’re all beta testing…

Have a good one

My Wyze Cam V3s (4 of them) randomly lose their detection zone settings and start recording/notifying of motion outside the zone a couple times a week. I have to go in each time I start getting notifications outside the detection zone and create it again. For me this has always happened (for over a year) and it is super annoying. Why they can’t make software that saves the detection zone settings past 2 days is beyond me.


I’m having this issue on one of my V3’s as well


Been seeing a lot of reports on this recently, @WyzeJasonJ are you guys aware of this? Probably should get some app and cam logs

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My V3 did it again today! And Motion Tagging was also turned off by itself.

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@IEatBeans, thanks for tagging me.

@Resist I am sorry this is happening, I will get this reported to the team can you submit a log the next time it happens so I can pass that up also.


My outdoor cams turn detection settings OFF at least once a week, on their own

What firmware version
app version 1os or Android?



This issue happened yet again on the same V3 camera!

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Same here , my detection zones load but the live feed to the camera doesn’t . I know the fix to this but it’s still persisting…

This is definitely a bug from the recent app update , this happened before .

Gotta love wyze

No logs since @WyzeJasonJ requested them. Need logs for the developers to solve this. Thanks! :slight_smile: