Detection Zone Setting Does Not Appear


I have 4 Outdoor V2 cameras around my house. I noticed about a week ago, notifications stopped. I went into the camera settings, and each camera settings regarding sensitivity, distance, and detection zone, have all been reset. Annoying yes, but the worst part is, I can’t adjust any of it. The detection zone setting ISN’T EVEN THERE ANYMORE. It is just gone. To top it all off, the PIR effective area just shows a black screen, and is also not adjustable. I just walked all around my house, walking in the yard, up to the house itself, even up to the cameras, and no detection at all. Can’t adjust settings or detection zone. I have power cycled ALL cameras one by one, and nothing changes.

All cameras are up to date and base station is up to date as of this posting. Did my entire outdoor security system just become useless?

Screenshot of setting missing completely

There appears to be a known detection zone issue related to the latest App version. Wyze is aware and working to resolve it. It was first reported in this thread:

Hopefully we get an update or a hot-fix update soon since they’ve been working on this.

There is a beta app version in testing that I am currently using which does not seem to have this issue (at least for me), so hopefully Wyze will be able to push something out to everyone soon.

I hope that helps answer some questions while we wait for a new update to address the detection zone.

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Where do we get the BETA? Thanks.

Read and Follow the information here:

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This issue has been fixed in the latest app update!

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