Not showing Detection Zone option?

I just purchased an add-on camera and it is not showing the Detection Zone option. I am trying to update the firmware but keep getting “Update Failed” please try again message.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

The new Grid Detection Zone for the WYZE outdoor cam is with the firmware cam and the current base is 4.16.113. Is that the firmware you are trying to load?

Yes. The base was updated a few days ago (no problem). Two other cameras were updated also no problem. This new camera that I am trying to get on firmware keeps giving me an “ Update Failed ” please try again message on my android.

I think maybe some of the servers are buggy. I have problems now a I can’t download videos from my outdoor cams on the events page but I can from my V3. The cams take the videos and I get notifications. When I came home yesterday morning all my outdoor cams said “off Line” on the app but they were not. That was addressed on another post on the forum. I have not done any firmware up grades in the last week or two but I did remove the app.all 4 cams and the base yesterday and installed again with out issue but they loaded with the latest firmware that was on them prior to my removal and restart. What firmware is on the new cam.

New cam firmware is:

That is the latest version of firmware for the camera. Did you turn on the detection zone button. As shown here, It is a different zone than the PIR. If you turn it on by default it is darkened out. Tap the grid area squares to make them lighten. I just did the entire view of the camera view.

I do not have the detection Zone option showing (light or dark. It isn’t there?)

You do not have any of this ?

On my new 3rd addon camera that is correct. It is not showing. It shows on both of my other cameras just fine.

Well I am out of ideas. You could try to call Support 844-999-3226 or 206-339-9646 is you have a lot of time to spare.

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Thanks. Appreciate your thoughts. Steve