Wyze Outdoor Camera keeps turning off detection zone option

Installed a new outdoor came today and setup the detection zone option. About an hour later I check my cam and the option has been turned off. Turn it back on. Same thing an hour later. Over and over this happens.

Any idea what is turning the detection zone feature off? Having detection zone off is causing events to rack up as motion is detection in the entire field of view and my battery is draining much faster than expected.

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Did you tap save after you set it up ? It probably won’t make much difference even if you did. I have 4 WYZE Outdoor cams and one V3 and have never found a detection zone that has worked. If you are tired of getting event notifications just turn off all other motion events in notifications and make sure AI events is turned on.

Oh yeah. Hit save… go back to prev screen and can see that it’s enabled. Then later when I check… it’s disabled.

Your cam’s settings aren’t being reset… they just weren’t loaded yet. Your cam settings are stored in the cloud. When you select a cam to view (live stream), your settings are pulled in from the cloud. If you choose to review your settings before they are loaded from the cloud, you will erroneously be seeing the Wyze default settings instead of your preferred settings. To get around this when “things are loading slow”, when you select a cam and have the live stream displaying, don’t select the gear icon (settings) until you no longer see “Getting video data… (3/3)”, you see your preferred video quality setting icon and the data rate (xxx.x KB/s) and the date/time are actively updating on your display.


Ah ok. I was able to confirm what you’re saying. If I wait until the (3/3) mark where the video gets updated I can indeed see that my settings are still there. Cool…

I guess my only remaining question would be why is the camera not honoring the detection zone then. Seems that anytime anything in the frame moves an event gets triggered, rather than just motion within the detection zone.

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I’m not sure. You’d have to screenshot your PIR Effective Area, your Detection Zone and show us some video examples in order for us to try to figure it out.

To add onto @Seapup s comment, make sure motion tagging is enabled for this troubleshooting

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Thanks for the info. I’ll get some of the info above and report back.

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So it appears if I enable motion tagging the detection area gets used and events are only triggered when motion happens in the detection zone. If I turn off motion tagging events get triggered by motion anywhere. Seems like a bug to me.

I am having a problem also setting up my outdoor cam. My question is which is the PIR detection Zone. The shaded area or the clear area? I need to manauly move the camera and it is up in a tree in the front yard and on a telephone pole in the backyard. Thanks for any help with this problem. It is not clearto me from available info which is zone.

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You are correct. In the below image, the boxed in squiggly lines area is the pir detection area.

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Thank, now to get up on the ladder, just have to :cowboy_hat_face: up. I put it where it is.

I’m having the same problem with all my 12 cameras where the detection zone keeps turning off. It started happening around 2 days ago. It’s super frustrating and I’m already considering buying other camera systems.