Detection Zone “Grid”

I just noticed on some of my Wyze cams in the Detection Settings, the Detection Zone is now made up of dozens of small boxes, or a big Grid where you can click on each square to draw your own zone. This is way better than the big box zones.
Have these small grid boxes been around a while or are they new?

I just noticed it today also, however, 1 of my 5 cams does not have the grid detection and they are all the same V2 cams and I can’t figure it out. Seems like the grid zone detection is fairly recent after reading other community posts. I do like it a lot just hoping I can find a fix for the 1 that’s not showing grid.


Within the last month. I don’t know for sure because I use beta versions so see changes earlier.

Make sure all of your camera firmware is up to date.

4 of the 5 cameras show firmware and the 1 without Grid Detection shows I selected the .199 cam and it says firmware up to date with no option to update. I did a restart from the app on the 1 cam with .199 firmware and no luck. I have 3 cameras using a wireless access point router and the other 2 on main wireless router but I don’t believe that would cause the issue since 1 camera on my main router did get new firmware update.

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The grid detection firmware has been paused because they are working out some issues on it. Its posted on the firmware page (V2 only) so you can manually flash it to the camera that doesnt have it, but it shouldnt be that long before they relaunch.


Thanks! I saw that after I posted my reply. It’s been awhile since I posted anything to the community. Where do I find instructions to flash to new firmware? Thanks!

Info here:


Thank you.

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Working out some issues? Wonder when they’ll release a software upgrade that’s been proven internally? Seems their IT and R&D departments throw ideas at the wall just to see what ones stick.

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Well, that explains why I have not seen this feature yet. All of mine have the non-grid flavor. If they are working out issues, then I will wait until the Beta testing is further along.

I have 2 V2’s with this new updated grid system. WTF!!! It does not work. Is anything being actually tested before being rolled out. I have 2 V2 cameras that I just want to smash because they won’t shut up with notifications. For 3 years they worked perfect! Now the last 24 hours they are so obnoxious never shutting up with notifications. I have turned the sensitivity down to 20. I guess I’ll just turn it off and have the camera be a dumb useless device. And no, I’m not in any beta group either.

Its been a while now…are they still working this out? V3 on App version 2.16.25 (latest version to date). Still only getting the box, not the grid.

You’re better off with the box. I got migrated to the grid and it totally trashes the camera.

I’m not seeing many others complaining about this.
I have 7 cameras using the newer grid style detection zone and it’s working fine.
In one of your other posts you said it seemed like it was working backwards. The dark areas are the areas where motion is not detected.

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Thank you for this new feature. Makes it so much easier to mark detection areas.

I’m trying to monitor my driveway and unfortunately the box is either too big or too small for the area I want to detect. So, still not sure if this is something they’ve pulled and are still working on?

Yes I know the dark areas are the exclusion zones. Do a better search in the forums you’ll see this is a known issue.

If you scroll up in this very thread it provides instructions on how to revert to the box detection if that is something that you would rather have.

And what is that process? Flashing firmware on my camera? [mod edit] I am DONE spending hours troubleshooting Wyze’s mistakes! Also, if you scroll up, I’m not running any thing beta.

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No one ever said you were running beta. In fact, if you were, theres a button in the app to revert firmware.

They rolled grid detection out as a wide release to everyone before they pulled it. There are a lot of folks not on beta that have it (and are having issues with it)

Im not picking sides here, you just seem like you wanted a different option for detection and flashing the firmware is the only way to get it right now.