Detection Zone “Grid”

Whatever. I’m done spending MY time troubleshooting Wyze’s failures. I’m sure [mod edit] not running a beta firmware. Heck I am already.

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So, does anybody know if the grid is a feature that Wyze is planning on bringing back in a future update?

It will be back.

They are still actively working on it.

That being said, the majority of their staff are off until the new year, so it’ll be a bit before anything is rolled out.


So if I do the flash for the upgrade manually for my V2, and if it seems worse than the box, can I manually flash back to previous? I so just want to have a better way for motion detection to work. The BOX is such a pain and still picks up an area that I do not want. I have moved the box so far from the area that I do not want detected to the point it won’t detect in the area I want right now. I wish this motion detection were fixed. I am on the fence to subscribe with Wyze or not. I really want the Wyze Cam V2 to work. I have it running side by side with a Ring in this one same area. I finally found out a way for the Wyze cam to notify me through my Alexa devices like the Ring does. Anyway, if I manually flash my V2 for the upgrade to show the Grid boxes, but it makes it worse, and I manually flash back to current version?

Yes. The process is the same to manually upgrade or downgrade firmware, you just load a different file onto the sd card.

The cam you’re talking about, is it outside? The cameras dont detect ‘motion’ per se, but instead see differences in the image. So if you’ve got a tree blowing in the wind and you exclude that from the detection zone, you may still have the shadow from the branch moving within the zone. Lowering the sensitivity helps with this, sometimes changing the angle of the cam just a hair will as well.

On the flipside, I gave up on my ring doorbell. Its there to keep the fedex guy honest, but I shut it off because it just wouldnt stop… even in a totally dark room it was telling me there was motion.

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Thank you so much for your help! I gave it a go and upgraded manually. I do like the GRID detection area with the 218 upgrade much better than the BOX that is on the 199 version. Yea, my WYZE V2 Cam is pointing through my window over my pool area pointing towards the expensive $18,000 vinyl fence I have installed around my property. So far pretty good!

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Totally unprofessional to roll junk firmware / software like this.

Anybody know if Wyze is going to fix the grid detection zone issue anytime soon?

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Yes. Wait, what’s your definition of soon. :slight_smile:

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Will grid detection be fixed and rolled out soon? It’s been two months. Maybe it’s not s high priority.

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Yes please! Grid blocks are too large.