Detection Zones being erased/turned off

I have 5 V2 cams on CPL. In the last month or so I have been noticing that my detection zone either gone or off as areas I don’t have selected were getting alerted. Found out that sometimes I can turn it off and back on and it will put my previous selected zone back. But most the time I have to re-add my zone. This is a daily event, sometimes multiple times a day. But can vary camera to camera. Sometime only 2 have done it, sometime 4. It has become a daily routine have to check my cameras. They get one thing fixed and another starts up. Any ideas? I shouldn’t have to check my settings ever day for every camera. Anyone have any ideas? The 3 photos are 3 cams

from today.

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Related anomalies, maybe.

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Hello, My detection zone settings have been doing the same thing for a while. Did anyone ever get back to you with a solution? This is really getting frustrating!

Can’t speak for the OP, but for my part, in the ‘maybe related’ sense:

No responses. But now some times it is completely gray with boxes. At least before it had my cameras image? I randomly notice SD cards issues along with this. Do you have Cam Plus Lite by any chance? Wondering if that may have to drive I with the type of issues we have.

I have Cam Plus. I’ve been noticing this happening a lot recently. Like you, I have to set the zone every day and I’m afraid that something won’t get caught when needed.

Exactly. It’s not like it reverts to just on big green detection zone which would be better than nothing. It isn’t detecting at all. Everyday I go thru my 5 cameras to check settings because something is always wrong. I sent in so many of this issue to support. Last year has been nothing but avhassle with these cams. Hopefully someone will get it fixed.

Cam Plus Lite here, fwiw. Carver intrigued, homing in:

Sorry what does “fwiw. Carver intrigued, homing in:” mean, lol. I am an old gal and have no clue. Also, what does the fix-it -friday paragraph mean? When my sd cards quit working am I supposed to be able to view something in the cloud? If so how do I do that? Thanks for trying to help, but only a little techy in this new day and age.


fwiw = ‘for what it’s worth.’

Carver is one of a group of Wyze-endorsed users (‘Mavens’) volunteering their time to assist with customer service and device/software troubleshooting.

Along with a lot of the regular users here, they ‘beta test’ software before it’s ready for public release. Mavens like Carver can communicate stuff they observe here at the ‘ground level’ to Wyze employees, engineers and the like which definitely helps.

The reason I post links as I have here is to help them and others tie things together. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for explaining. It’s all very clear now.

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Today my IoS Wyze app detection zone has greyed out, no image in detection zone.
my Android detection zone had image and zone shoeing it is set correctly.

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I have been having this same issue with all 5 of my v2 cams randomly of course. Still doing it as of today. Except now I am actuallys till having the view from my camera but my grid selection has been removed and the detection button is on. I turn the button off, go back one screen and click on detection zone again, turn on detection zone and my pre selected grid re appears. The grayed out issue was a pain but I am wondering if they fixed that as I more have this particular issue now which is by far easier to correct. but still a pain.

I doubted Wyze will fix the issue for a V2.

I doubted Wyze will fix the issue for a V2.

I have wasted an enormous amount of time over the past few months going into the settings of my four V2’s every day to find detection zones reset, i.e. zone detection “on,” no blocks selected, so no detections. Wyze has been no help that I have found, but someone in a forum recommended choosing only a few blocks, and that has been some help. I have found that limiting it to five blocks usually keeps the settings for several days, but not always (so I still have to check them all every day). In one of their “fix-it Fridays,” it was suggested they have been working on it and thought they might have it fixed a month or so ago. It actually seemed to work for a day or two, but then back to the same issue. Wyze might certainly abandon this, but it’s their screwup, and I’ll be done with them for wasting my time. I have 10 Wyze cams, Cam Plus, and various other products, but up until this, I recommended Wyze cams all the time in our neighborhood security forums. Not recently. If this isn’t resolved soon, I will instead begin actively recommending against trusting Wyze for anything. As someone else posted, it would be one thing if all the zones were selected, because at least an important motion event would be recorded. But I notice sometimes there have been no motion events in the front yard and sidewalk for 5-6 hours, and I check it, and the zones are blank again. So frustrating. I almost bought a Wyze pan v3 the other day, it looks cool, but even if it doesn’t have this particular problem, it seems like Wyze is going to let V2 users hang, and I can’t support that. And I certainly am not going to put my name on a recommendation to my neighborhood when Wyze is flaking out.

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It is hard to build trust with consumer. Once the brand image is broken, there is no turning back. It is common with some car and appliance manufacturers.

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I take it this hasn’t been fixed since I’ve been struggling with it for the past week. It’s as if it has a mind of its own, toggling back & fort between on & off and zones de-selected and selected back. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason with the behavior!

So disappointed at Wyze lately. Never again will I spend another dime with this company!

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I have been complaining about it for months. I send in reports but does no good. You are right, there is no rhyme or reason to it.