Video Door Bell Detection Zone

Hi Wyze Community!

I recently purchased the Wyze Doorbell Cam and installed in yesterday. I’m currently having issues getting the video door bell to detect motion when/where I want it to.

Steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Motion detection sensitivity boosted to 70 from default (somewhere around 1-5). This resulted in cars traveling from left to right triggering the motion detection but not cars traveling right to left.

  2. As fun as it was to use the new doorbell I didn’t need to know every time a car went by so I set up a detection zone to cover the driveway, porch, and some of the yard.


I can be well within the detection zone and not trigger an alert despite the fact that cars on the road would trigger it at the same sensitivity level without a zone set.

I came home last night and was able to pull into the garage without triggering an alert (you can see the tire tracks on the driveway in the pictures below). I could boost motion detection to 100 but with the 11 notifications I got from snow blowing past the doorbell but not a car coming up the driveway I’m wondering if there is something else I can/need to do.

To help illustrate my current layout I took some screen shots of where I was within the detection zone while shoveling the driveway this morning. I didn’t trigger an alert until I was practically on the porch. Due to forum rules only allowing new posters to upload one embedded media file I’ll have to upload the screen shots separately in this thread


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Detection is by “pixel change”. So any color, lightness, darkness, any change to a pixel it is determined to be “motion” by the camera. So it looks like your detection zone is fairly close to and still does have some of the road in it. Under the pixel change any headlights, shadows, would be determined to be motion just like an actual car or yourself walking within the defined detection zone. The reason it doesn’t alert until you get close I believe is possibly the sensitivity settings. If you were to up the sensitivity settings then make your detection zone start farther away from the road I think you’ll have more detections of actual stuff in your driveway and walking up your house. This would also exclude some of the headlights and other pixel change near the road.

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Hey @Omgitstony

Thanks for the explanation on how detection works, that makes sense. I’ll tighten up the zone and boost the sensitivity further and see how that works out. Appreciate the quick response!

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I went through the same steps as you have, Zone and detection sensitivity, I do not get cars, but any shadow from trees in the wind will trigger. However, I expect that. What I do not understand, is Amazon delivery, guy/gal runs up, drops the package, snaps a photo and runs back to the truck. That even is never caught. I don’t think paying for Pro will help as this happened during the free trial and continues after the trial. Not sure what to try next as the postman is captured perfectly every day.