Detection Zone Question

Since the cams no longer support “Person” dectection we are getting 100+ notifications per night (8 cameras), i have setup “Detection Zones” on the cameras so it would only notify me of of movement in those zones but it seems this feature does not even work ? (am i doing something wrong) for instance i have our street out of the detection zone but everytime a car passes by i get a notification.

Any idea how to fix this ?

Restart device.

Deactivate the cameras and activate?

firmware it problem???

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Make sure you aren’t getting reflections or shadows from the cars in the detection zone.

As an example, I have one camera that looks at my driveway thru open blinds. Sometimes the blinds have reflections of the cars in the detection zone if the sun is just right. If my detection zone is close to the street, it can pick up shadows from the cars. Also, at night the driveway illuminates as the car turns onto my street, tripping detection.

If I get a lot of alerts from the camera I might switch off motion detection, and at night my camera detection is off because of the headlight issue. In both of those cases I have a front porch Sense motion sensor that will alert the camera to record when necessary.

If you get too many alerts that may be the way to go, but you will have to blind the motion sensor of a view of the street too, as it will pick up the engine heat from cars, etc. I do that with an overhang that is over my front door. I also turn the motion sensor about 30 degrees to keep it from picking up kids, pets, and lawn mowers next door. It still picks up anyone in my driveway. I honestly don’t think I need motion detection at the camera with a Sense motion sensor out there.


Could it be because of the car lights at night?


Yes sir!

I’m having a similar issue. My detection zone is the door but I keep getting alerted of motion across the room. Is there any way to fix this?

I recently pointed a Cam2 towards my backyard and went through a systematic process of elimination. First a branch would move in the wind. Then a shadow of a branch. Then an insect would trigger (not much I can do about that without killing the IR LEDs).
My resulting detection window is only about 20% of the viewing area. However, it finally observed one of the coyotes prowling my backyard today.
The real solution in my case, is that I need to find a better location or angle. This was only a band-aid approach. My other cams experience no such challenge, because their positioning was much more purposeful.