Video Doorbell cam motion detection zone (non-Pro version)

The doorbell cam has a motion detection sensitivity setting but no way to define the motion detection zone like other wyze cams allow. This would be useful when wanting detection of motion on front steps but not a side walk, for example.

according to the support page, it’s coming soon.

This will be great! I have a flag above and to the right of the door view field of view. being able to ignore that zone would cut down on the false alarms.

Same here, you can’t see the flag in my SS, but when the wind blows it comes into view. if you have the beta app, it’s been added.

That would be perfect!

Craig R.

Firmware, which was released today, is supposed to have the motion detection zone, but I don’t see this feature.

Same here, no motion detection zone. Thumbs down from this QC location (smile).

App update probably needed, what version do you have?

The latest - V2.17.42

Device firmware
App V2.17.41

Can confirm that detection zone is not an option for me either after the update.

I think the detection zones are not supported until 2.18.x…I’m sure a update is coming soon

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