Wyze App 2.19 Released - 4/8/21

Good morning, Forum Friends!

Wyze app 2.19.14 for Android and 2.19.22 for iOS are releasing today! In addition to anticipated new features for Wyze Cam v3 (custom motion detection zone available after an upcoming firmware update and compatibility with Wyze Sprinkler as a zone image), we have bug fixes! :bug:

Read our Release Notes:


what exactly is a “custom detection zone” and how do I make it happen?

I did the update and checked… didn’t see anything obviously different


Me too, Both my updated V-3s still showing the same old single “Big Box” detection zone after this upgrade. Not the little squares grid as promised. No change at all.

I believe a firmware update is needed to enable to grid style detection zones.


I updated the app and don’t have the option for the custom motion detection. It’s the same as before just 1 big box.:-1::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve been waiting for this feature because car headlight over my fence trigger motion all night!

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Sorry, folks! I shook some trees and the custom detection zone requires a firmware update that is in beta currently. I’m updating the release notes and I apologize for the confusion!


Installed app and works great. Nice to see the Wyze Watch is now in the Beta Section.

  • Added support for Wyze Cam being used as a zone image for Wyze Sprinkler

It appears that you can set a sprinkler zone image using a wyze cam now but once you leave that zone it goes back to stock image. Update is not working for me.

Did anyone with a v3 completely lose their detection box with the update? I still have the sensitivity sliders, but the ability to draw the box has vanished.

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Mine is still there on iOS.

I seem to have completely lost my cam plus person detection capabilities after the update. toggled it off and back on. nothing. all i get is the generic “motion” detection

All my capabilities and setting are the same as before the update on my one V3 and 4 WCO. Maybe you should force close the app or log out then back in.??

Ive done it all. log out, log back in. delete app, reinstall app. toggle cam plus off, turn it back on. nothing works.

iOS or Android? just curious…


I don’t know what else to say, my app updated itself. As far as detection zones go I have not had good luck with any of them. If I block out a tree with branches swaying in the wind I still get motion notifications.

Anybody with a vacuum figure out what “Improved map creation and management for Wyze Robot Vacuum” entails? I’m not sure I’ve seen a change. I’d love to be able to remap just one room because the thing seems to save the ghost of removed furniture. It clearly sees that there’s nothing there, but still bumps against the area as though something is there and works around it.

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Don’t know yet. Just received my new Vaccum this afternoon and left it charging. Will know more over the weekend. But good to know these issues.

still can not save any CamPlus videos in HD …