Wyze App 2.19 Released - 4/8/21

Same issue here, hopefully they resolve it soon. I’ll try to reinstall an older version for the time being.

The detection box is still there in Android. Don’t scare me like that…LOL

@WyzeGwendolyn Just did the update and now I’ve lost the entire detection box. There’s no option to control the box (1 big box or the grid style). It’s just gone. Under detection settings the only thing there is to adjust the sensitivity settings


You’ll have to clear the map completely and remap the whole. Look for Reset Map under the system gear.

I had many oddities due to the magnetometer defining the orientation of the map, and finally cleared the whole thing to start over, now happily vacuuming.

Yeah I’m aware I can reset the map, but it seems super silly to remap the whole house for a tiny anomaly. At some point I have to believe a remap-room option is going to arrive.

New accessory. I’ve noticed your cameras are very sensitive to wind noise and trigger many nuisance alerts because of that. How about a tiny “dead cat” with an adhesive back to stick over the microphone hole. They work great on “real” full size mics so I’d expect a large improvement.

Agreed. Maybe remapping every time it vacuums, just to continuously update any room or the whole map.

Any idea when Dark Mode for iOS will be added? Would be nice as I get flashbanged every time I open the app at night.


Welcome to the forums! There is a wishlist item that is labeled “researching”, but it’s a pretty old wish and no update on when or if it will be rolled out.

I used to have a detection zone on my v3. With this update, it disappeared. Hope it comes back soon!

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My iPad zone is gone, Android phone is still there. I’ve called this in twice since the last ios update.

They said there will be a camera update to make it work.

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When will Auto unlock work every time? When will Google Assistant work with Wyze Lock? Please fix these issues, they’ve been around for a long time while shiny new products show up regularly.

Just installed the doorbell cam this past weekend. I am receiving motion/person detections in the app and it is alerting me on my iphone but does not alert me through my apple watch. If someone presses the doorbell, the apple watch receives that notification. I also receive all notifications on my apple watch from my Cam3s. Is this a bug or does anyone have a fix or have this same problem? I have the latest iphone, apple watch, latest ios/watch os and this latest Wyze app update. Thanks,

I am in Beta and can’t seem to get the new firmware update (290) that others already have…

Which firmware are you trying to download, and in the app Account - About - Beta Program, do you have the device enrolled

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I have lost my motion detection boxes in iOS for all my v3 cams, regardless of if they has the PLUS service or not.

Running (all latest as of now)

  • iOS 14.4.2
  • Wyze app v2.19.22
  • Wyze Cam v3 firmware

This was nice to see, but this still means that we need a future firmware update to avail ourselves of this. And it has possibly taken out the use of the generic detection zone I once had (literally a few days ago).

2.19.22 (April 8, 2021)

  • Added support for a custom motion detection zone for Wyze Cam v3 (future firmware update required)

I am in the Beta program and my V3’s are all running I know from reading forums etc that 290 is available.
So why can’t I get it?

A. A. Alexander III

Check to see if you’ve added the v3 cam to your list of Beta Projects:

Wyze app Home > Account (lower right) > About > Beta Program > look for Wyze Cam v3.

If you don’t see Wyze Cam v3 in your list, you won’t see Tap “Edit” and in the upper right, check the v3 checkbox and hit Save at the bottom.

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Still can’t split a room a second time. See screenshot. Room 3 (my living room) and ‘Kitchen Dining’ were one big room. I split it in half and want to split the ‘Kitchen dining’ in half as well but the split line cannot be used as a wall. The circle ‘handles’ can only attach to what was mapped as a wall. It’s like the map only allows for splitting on detected walls and not the split line. Been begging for this for a while now but it seems Wyze support could not care less about this and lots of other things.