iOS App 2.15.41 and Wyze Cam v2/Pan firmware 4.X.6.218 Released! - 11/18/20

UPDATE 11/20/20: We have put the firmware files back onto the Release Notes page. If someone is still interested in having this update though the sensitivity is greatly increased, they can flash the firmware using that file. Thanks!

UPDATE 11/19/20: We are pausing the .218 firmware and have pulled the files from the Release Notes page as we investigate the increased motion detection sensitivity for Event videos. Thank you for your patience.

Good morning, forum folks!

iOS app 2.15.41 is launching today to improve Wyze Cam v3 connectivity now that we’re close to shipping! :wink:

We also have 4.X.6.218 firmware for Wyze Cam v2 and Pan. It adds a custom detection zone, adjusts logic, and fixes bugs!

Read our Release Notes:


excited to see the v3 shipping soon!!!


The new custom detection zone, instead of just one box , is excellent! Thanks!


Me too Ken, I ordered 5 of them

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Thanks for the addition of the “enhanced” detection zone feature! This is a NICE improvement!
I have not tried it in production yet, just on my test camera, but that is COOL!


This fixed my Cam Plus “No Fragment” error, thanks! :grin: :+1:


I must resist.

The update is gold so far… Thanks Wyze.


Hi @WyzeGwendolyn, I’m not sure where to post this. But myself and some colleagues are having issues with the latest firmware update ( All of our V2 cams are acting way too sensitive, even with it set to 1. They appear to be triggering off of nothing but grass in the wind! All were acting flawlessly with previous version.


Sorry about that! We’re pausing the update to look into this issue. Thanks for reporting it!


Glad to hear, Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn
I’m not sure if you guys can looks at the shared content I’ve sent in but they would definitely be good examples.

“pausing the update” so what about all your customers have downloaded this firmware? What do we do? How do we go back? My camera is useless now!

As you can see I’m constantly getting notification videos for areas that I have blacked out. Like I said my camera is useless now

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I agree with @bluu this new algorithm is useless to me if it ignores the settings / sections selected.

This is with sensitivity turned all the way down as well…
All settings cleared, saved, camera reset.

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The custom detection zone looks fantastic. I am waiting for the fix.

This ain’t no TinyCam Pro that’s for sure🤦‍♂️

The update detection zones settings are an excellent concept but they are not working for me. I am getting many motion detections from the additional area I blacked out.

You can flash firmware back manually using the instructions here:

And the firmware files found in our Release Notes here:

Sorry about the trouble!

I can see one leaf in the sensing area, no doubt that’s triggering it.

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