Not all Cameras are getting new firmware updates

I went into my cameras to change the detection zone. I have 3 Wyze Cam v2’s. One had like a grid on it now which was cool. But I noticed the other 2 cameras haven’t gotten the same update. All cameras say updated with latest version. Don’t they all update at once? 2 cams has Firmware version and the one with the grid has

There have been reports of firmware upgrade failure when doing all cams at once. Can you go into settings and upgrade the older versions individually?

No I tried that and it says firmware is up to date.

Oops my bad, I forgot they paused it.

Oh, no worries. Should I be concerned about the one camera and if so how do I push it back a version? Thanks so much.

If it were me and it’s not causing major problems, I would just leave the one as is. But if you’re feeling overly ambitious, below is a link that will walk you through manually flashing firmware to a specific version. Hopefully Wyze will get this motion detection and grid working properly in the next version.

I will have to wait. A bit more than my ole brain can handle, lmao. Appreciate your help though.

My pleasure, good luck. :+1: