Firmware motion tagging very sensitive

Did any of your cams get bricked by the bulk upgrade? One of my brand new (1 week old) cams no longer works after the bulk upgrade. Check all your cams for Err Code 90

No bricks. But every one of my 9 outdoor-facing cameras trip every five minutes regardless of all settings.

Basically, until this is fixed, these cameras are useless.

Similar to OP. After the firmware update today, One of my cam v2s that’s pointed outdoors started triggering nonstop. With motion tagging on, you can see the green box jump around like crazy. Other v2s that point indoors don’t seem to have the same issue. Not sure what’s the difference.

I bulk upgraded multiple cameras today. All seemed to work except my one and only Pan cam. Solid yellow light and no workie now. Need to revert it back to the previous version. Haven’t started on that process yet. All other cams (4 of the non pan cams) seem fine. Haven’t noticed an inordinate amount of motion alerts on them, but it wouldn’t surprise me if yet another glitch went undetected by the pre-release testing team at Wyze.

So, to follow up, I got one brick now.

This is due to the updated algorithm. You may need to adjust settings.
Direct questions here:


This FW has been put on hold to check into the sensitivity issue


Remember when bulk updating firmware that involves downloading data to each device from the internet all at the same time.

I run mine individually so its not such a load on the network and very rarely have issues.

Granted my internet is not the best. But a lot of the issues are the result of the firmware not downloading properly or the file becoming corrupt.

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this release bricked one of my 5 cameras with error code 90. How to fix?

That worked for me. THE SECRET!!! is to hold the reset button while plugging in the power. No other reset worked for me (ie when power was already on).

NOTE: I am on an old Mac (macos: 10.13.6). Your mileage may vary.


Yes! @joedel263 & @charlesclloyd you got it! :slightly_smiling_face:

My App triggered loading the release this morning. Does this mean the PAUSE was removed?

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Don’t accept the update! It’s a disaster.

Too late

Looks like .218 is UnPaused :+1:, the link is green again for downloading.
Can only speak for myself, my V2 cam w/.218 is finally working like I think it should have all along.
Not getting any false triggers, only actual movement through the detection zones. :smile:

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It is working great. My V2 shoots through a window. It is finally detecting People as expected, 60% sensitivity. I am monitoring my WCO. It tends to generate false PD tags at night, or during the day if a truck has racks or ladders on it.

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I totally agree with elcheapocooks. It has been a frustrating experience for myself over the past 3 days since the update. I have never had so many problems with a firmware update. WYZE, please fix or offer a link to revert back to a workable previous firmware please.

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Hi @Russ-R The link to past and present Firmware binary files is here:

Check the iOS Wyze App version while on that page.
On Firmware: Adjusted detect field and reduced sesitivity after F/W update.

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336 alerts in 8 hours. 10 were people.
Adjusting all sensitivity and detection zones changed nothing.

Wyze Cams - How to take a once-reliable camera (V2) and destroy its usefulness with an untested and disastrous firmware update.

If you want to help wyze with the new detection mode, check this post:


All: After a month of hoping for an improved firmware, I decided to experiment with the new detection zone feature. I finally have my false positives to a minimum.

First: the coloring of the zone tiles is confusing. The translucent gray tiles are those which are excluded from detection and the transparent tiles are included. I went back and forth on this a few times before I figured it out (thinking it was the opposite)

Second: I started with a single active tile in my detection zone – one where I knew there would be no false movement detected. Once I saw the event count go to zero, I expanded the size of my tiled area being very conservative on the size of my detection zone. If I started getting false positives, I used the green motion tagging rectangle to see which tiles to exclude.

After fiddling with this and thinking about it, I filed two wishlist topics:

First, a request that motion-tagging NOT compute a rectangle based on ALL the tiles which had motion, but it should compute a non-rectanglular (tile based) outline. This way, a diagonal row of bushes doesn’t cause a huge motion tagging rectangle simply becuase one leaf on each end of the row moved.

Second: a request for dynamically-computed detection zones which keep track of over-active regions and automatically excludes those from detection. A time-decayed list of active tiles could be maintained by the firmware and the static user-defined detection zone would not be needed (or could be optional as a fixed exclusion zone say for a hot tub where intimate things might occur, nudge nudge, wink, wink). In addition to solving the blowing leaf problem, this would also handle earth’s rotation and shadows being cast in different places as the day progresses. A static detection zone simply cannot deal with this without excluding far more than necessary.