Motion Detection Sensitivity Too Weak

I have the motion detection sensitivity set to 100, yet today my V3 camera completely missed recording 3 huge trash trucks picking up my garage. It used to always record them, but now it’s as if the motion detection sensitivity is set to 1 or something, but it wasn’t. And for over a year now it’s been missing recording motion at the end of my property, something it used be able to record, Any pixel change in the frame should be recorded, clearly Wyze lowered the motion detection sensitivity which is causing motion to be missed.

Something that I always do when anything doesn’t work properly for any reason. Sometimes it makes a difference, sometimes not. Reboot. Turn it off, let it start back up. Sometimes even the wife needs a boot. I call her mom and ask her to take care of that, not me.

Rebooting has never fixed this issue because Wyze lowered the sensitivity. But rebooting is always the first thing I do and most of the time its not fixed things.

Same here - I even was thinking I went the wrong way when I went from 70 to 100. Will see if there is any improvement.

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The only way there will an improvement is if Wyze makes the sensitivity back to where it used to be.

What firmware version are you running on your cameras? All my v3 cameras are on I have been running Detection Sensitivity on 90 and have not noticed any change in the past year.

I’m on About a year ago my camera would record any movement at my trash bins near the edge of my property at the street, but now it’s not and completely missed someone moving my bins around.

Have you tried a Factory Reset of the v3 after you received the new firmware?

Yes and rebooted many, many times. But if I have to go through all those hoops every time my cameras get an update, it makes them more trouble than they are worth. I don’t have to do that with any other electronics at my house that get OTA updates.

The only remaining suggestion is to manually flash your v3 back to older firmware where Detection Sensitivity was working for you.

This thread alone illustrates the many hoops that are sometimes needed to be jumped through to use Wyze products.

Same on the camera in question. I actually went out and took down the camera and placed it back - no event recorded it. Now at sensitivity of 100 and will see if it records any of our flying squirrels running past it within a foot or so this evening.

Well, if I even wanted to flash the camera back to an older firmware, I don’t remember exactly what the firmware was that didn’t have the issue.

I’m getting a lot of insects (moths, ants, spiders, beetles) triggering events. I would like to reduce these, but still get our flying squirrels. Would lowering the sensitivity help in this regard?

same here. i have 3 cameras. in the last 11 hours, only have 1 event. last time it happened with only 1 camera so i did a factory reset. but all THREE camera??? wyze needs to get it together

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I dropped my sensitivity by 10 to 70 and still got all of the squirrels and way fewer insects. It could also have been because we had a near frost last night.