Motions sensitivity is too sensitive with new update on Wyze camera

Camera is outside and has been working with no issues. We set up an area pegged to scan for motion and worked 95% of the time. Occasionally a major wind or something would trip it. This was no big deal. We had the sensitivity set down to 15% so not to pick up an ant walking by. With the new update, everything is setting it off. and movement at all or change of lighting from a shadow or the tiniest shimmer of water movement in standing water. We set it down to 10%, but still happening. Is anyone else having this issue of the motion sensor being too sensitive? This just started after the latest firm update on our Wyze Camera

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I have 9 cameras in operation and my phone is constantly pinging with notifications.

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Yes. Everything was fine yesterday. With the latest update, everything sets off an event. Changing sensitivity makes no difference.

The new AI has replaced Person detection. Trying to set the specific areas in the detection area makes no difference. I have 9 cameras pointed outside and they continually trip regardless of detection zone and sensitivity settings.

I’m beginning to think these updates are not thoroughly tested before release. This needs an immediate fix.

(Sorry I posted a separate post on this – we should all concentrate on one post regarding this.)

MUCH WORSE PROBLEM: this bulk upgrade caused one of my 11 V2 cams to stop working. Cam is 1 week old. Solid yellow light, resetting no longer works. SD card has last write at exact time all other cams have a gap while doing the bulk upgrade.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I found this webpage:

And was able to UNBRICK my camera. Among other things (read that page, for sure), I think the secret is to UNPLUG the cam, THEN push the reset button and plug in the cam to power. All other info about resetting the cam never mentioned that the reset button must be held WHILE powering up the cam.

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Every one of my 9 outdoor-facing cameras trip every five minutes regardless of all settings

Basically, until this is fixed, these cameras are useless.

Unfortunately, you have to remove the SD card to revert back to a previous version of the firmware, but you can do it by following this:

Just got my v2 cam setup yesterday, firmware upgraded today, and now I get events for everything outside of my detection zone. My SD card is on order, so I can’t revert to old firmware. Not a good first impression, hopefully this isn’t a common occurrence.

I’m having the same issue, way to sensitive no matter what the settings are. Has anyone heard from Wyze regarding this?
Seems like a major F*** Up.

I cleared my detection zone, remapped it, and it seems to be working now. I’ll know for sure tomorrow since the lighting has changed significantly. I’ll report back tomorrow. Might be worth a try to see if this works for you.

No luck. Even with a restart after.


In this new firmware (ver. 4.x.6.218), we upgraded the vision algorithm for motion detection. Depending on the specific scenario, some movements (such as moving leaves and tree branches) may be more sensitive to the vision algorithm.
We recommend using the green rectangle that is generated by the motion tagging to identify the motion detection zones. The green rectangle indicates the largest rectangle of the moving objects.
The motion detection is triggered when there is an overlap between your active detection region and the green rectangle. We are not displaying the green rectangle if it doesn’t overlap with the active detection zones. However, if there is any overlap, even if it is very small, the vision algorithm considers that as a trigger of motion detection.


Thank you for the thorough explanation. How does the detection sensitivity play into this? How “much” overlap there must be before a motion event is triggered?

Thank you! Great question!. So, behind the scene, the sensitivity is translated into the size of moving object, which is the green box if you have motion tagging on.

A high sensitivity will trigger event if a smaller moving object is detected vs. a low sensitivity only trigger an event when a large green rectangle is generated.

Did I explain myself well?


That all makes sense. But why is it that moving grass in the wind is triggering motion. Even at a sensitivity value of 1. The last firmware revision had no issues with this.

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Yes, you gave a good explanation, thank you. This is how I assumed the sensitivity setting worked before, but your statement, “if there is any overlap, even if it is very small, the vision algorithm considers that as a trigger of motion detection,” made me re-think this. So if I’m understanding you correctly, the vision algorithm is a two-step process: 1) There must be some overlap (any amount) within a detection zone, and 2) the bounding rectangle of motion must be of a certain minimum size, based on the sensitivity setting.

Did I get that right?

EDIT: I assume that the amount that the motion rectangle intersects with the detection zone is also taken into account? Otherwise you could have a large tree generating a large detection rectangle outside the detection zone, but if even one leaf happens to intersect the detection zone, an event is triggered (not good).

I’m having exactly the same problem since the upgrade. Will revert to the former firmware when I get home tonight. Some upgrade!!!

Thanks, I need to adjust my 3 cameras I have on the “Plus” program, or I will exceed my Comcast data threshold!

Thanks for this, but unfortunately everything does not always work with the box. when you place camera in areas many times you are limited on where you can put them. I have one that if I put the box were it gets no interference it would cut the head off of who ever was walking up. As I said in the original post I was not having this problem before the update and could capture faces.

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Was getting a lot of events again today. Remapping the detection zone to be further away from my tree seems to have fixed the issue. I needed a buffer of about 3 squares to stop wind blowing the tree from registering as an event.