V 2.15.41 , worst update ever released

I thought it was just me, but I think we have a problem here! I love the new detecting zone configurator, but if it means missing events, or constantly recording motion, I think I will go back to the old detecting zone setup.


Can we even go back?

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Not verify easily unfortunately.


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I’m having the same problem, everywhere that’s blacked out I get triggers and everything you see clearly have none. It’s almost like it’s backwards and you have to black out what zones you want to focus on.:man_shrugging:


Explanation here:

This may or may not be permanent, so I’d suggest changing and experimenting with the sensitivity settings.


Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of “exclusion” zones? If it’s still detecting and triggering within that exclusion zone?

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Is there a way to roll back the firmware update?
I just walked around in front of my camera and no triggers, but the bushes in the exclusion areas are triggering no problem.
So my property is safe from vegetation👍
I think it’s time to start looking at proper cameras.:man_shrugging:


That’s definitely an issue! @XuLi, do you know about this one?

I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a moment and note that in Internet years these cheap cameras are ancient and it’s darned impressive that Wyze is at least still trying to improve them?..

I bought a competing brand a month ago and it seems it will never get an update.

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If you bought a car two years ago and the manufacturer/dealer reset your car computer so the car didn’t work, would you be happy?

This is what’s happened here. Cameras that worked the day before the firmware update are now not working properly.

This is no one’s fault that owns the cameras - This is completely the fault of WYZE. I don’t want an apology from WYZE - I want my cameras, of which I have 11, to WORK!

No excuses, no runaround, no ‘just flash your cameras bs’, take responsibility WYZE and MAKE IT RIGHT.


A class action suit should be started. Their camera’s functionality has gone to junk status.


I solve it downloading and old version with a apk download… worst update ever… and all so they make money with the “person” detection and all stuff

I Even rite to customer service and they don’t have a clearly answer… I pay for the person detection and its not detecting anything… they just don’t have and answer.

259 alerts in 9 hours. 5 of those were people. The rest was a complete nuisance regardless of settings.

In the past two days, I’ve had well over 600 alerts. 13 were for people.

The only things we hear from Wyze are crickets and deafening silence.


I totally agree with SKL. It has been a frustrating experience for myself over the past 3 days since the 2.15.41 update. I have never had so many problems with a firmware update. WYZE, please fix or offer a link to revert back to a workable previous firmware please.


I get headlights triggering motion all the time, still trying to get a response from Wyze about my free 3 months…Was to receive a code on Nov6th in email…never got it…been trying to contact since then…no response…covid and reduced staff.

JUST SAY NO to updates. As long as everything is working for you, why chance the update? Learned that a long time ago with Windows updates. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is already struggling. It takes forever to actually review these “detections” Sensitivity is good but I am getting 40 or 50 in a pitch dark night (I live way out in the country) from I don’t know what, meteors?

Must be invisible aliens.

Google will push updates at will for their tentacle botnet.