Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

The fish eye effect makes it impossible to set a detection zone looking through window of front lawn that is rectangular. Or sidewalk as a boundary or street. All these curve but the detection selector is a rectangle - one can not align the zone to the image.

Either multi-dot trapezoid or multiple rectangles would improve this.

As of 11/18/20, this feature is now available in the Wyze app! You will need to have your app and firmware fully updated for it. :slight_smile:


That is TERRIFIC !!!

That is SO COOL! Just updated and tried it out… just what the Dr. ordered. Thanks for listening to your customers and implementing suggestions.


Thx u @WyzeGwendolyn and Wyze dev teams.

I can setup the squares in “Detection Zone”, but I’m still getting alerts for movement outside the zone.

I assume that anything inside the squares that I clear will be monitored. Right? Thanks again!

I upgraded my Wyzecam to, and made sure I’m running the latest app v.2.15.41.


Take a look at that thread:


@OrangHutan… Same. Not sure what the point is in selecting a detection zone with the squares if movement outside of the selected area still triggers a motion detection alert???

Thanks @Shhmony. Looks like Wyze Devs found major problem with their detection algorithm and have halted the upgrade.

Let’s give them some time to fix it. Hopefully, they will have a fix out after Thanksgiving. Everyone deserves some time of to spend with family and friends.

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I agree, let’s give them time to put together a good fix for it and hopefully they’ll do a decent Q&A on it before they release it

If you want to help wyze with the new detection mode:

Just a request for more detailed detection zones. Would be great if there could be exclusion zones (boxes or circles maybe). Or just allow detection zones to be made up of multiple boxes potentially overlapping so a person can make up a detection area that’s not just a single box. For example a camera can have a bush in that gets blown by the wind; allowing exclusion of that sort of thing would be super helpful.

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A Grid style detection zone has already been launched but they had trouble with the firmware so it is on hold tell there is a fix


You don’t , it’s not ready for primetime yet

@WyzeGwendolyn, How do we get this feature? I’ve uprgaded the app to 2.15.51 on Android, 2.15.41 on iOS, firmware is, and I still don’t see any changes. (I don’t see a beta version in the App Store or Google Play.) In fact, now both the Android and the iOS versions are limiting the minimum size of the detection zone area to a relatively large box. I’d be interested in helping to test it if it’s still beta.

When and will the smaller detection zone blocks be available for the V3 camera as it is already available for the V2


How do I get rid of the grid detection zone off the one camera that as it? I’m not getting ANY alerts from it now! Useless as a security cam now!

I have a row of bushes which appear diagonally in my cam. In the wind, all the leaves flutter causing motion tagging (and event triggering). However, instead of being seen as a small diagonal region of motion, the motion-tagging shows as the bounding box for the entire row of bushes, which is a much larger region than is actually moving. See attached grab.

This problem forces me to define a detection zone which excludes a MUCH larger than I would like to – I would like to exclude just the bushes and not the much larger bounding box for the bushes. Its very nice we now have “tiled” detection zone, but the motion tagging is still old school.

once the bugs are fixed with the tiled detection zone, it will be rolled out to public.

luckily the issues were caught before the general rollout.


Currently, detection zones are static and user-defined. I propose the notion of “Dynamic, Computed Detection Zones” where the camera keeps track of the recent motion-tagged regions and automatically excludes those regions which have frequently triggered an event. The more frequent the region appears in the list, the longer it should be an excluded region.

This would allow trees, leaves, shadows, traffic to be automatically excluded if they are triggering events often. Also, as the sun moves shadows around, the excluded regions could adapt as the older active regions decay out of the recent-event-list. This scheme requires no AI to ascertain what is triggering the event, it just blindly masks off regions which are triggering many events in a short period of time.

With this feature, Wyze could allow more than one 12-second event per 5-minute window as long as the trigger came from a region which is NOT recently triggered.

As for insects flashing across at night, this computed-zone scheme would not help, but another heuristic could be applied: very short duration events should be ignored.

it wouldn’t help during the winter either :frowning:

I think people are going to be sadly disheartened by all the false positives from snow in the coming weeks because of the increased sensitivity of the V3… nature of the beast I guess.

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