Detection grid sounds better than it works

Just encountered this new feature. It is an exercise in frustration to setup a simple rectangular zone.

My fingers are NOT fat, but toggling the state of a cell is hit-or-miss, usually miss. So what used to take a few seconds, now takes more like a minute. While I’ll speculate that the grid is a “wow” for some customers, I was content with the rectangle and would like it back.

Did Wyze consider, that if you re-aim a camera it’s once more a pain to re-establish the desired zone?

I have set up detection zones in all my outside cameras, but am not that impressed as I get notifications of motion outside the detections zones all the time

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Try using a stylus. Do you have at least one pen with a stylus tip?

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If you turn your phone landscaped, the boxes will be bigger as the image fills the entire screen.


I have not experienced this. Sometimes if motion infringes on a piece of the allowable spot, it will notify. Do you an image with the Green rectangle of where motion was sensed? If so, can you post it?

@WayneHavens if you are talking about a WCO. then keep in mind the PIR wakes your Cam up and the Detection Zone is supplemental. This function works differently beween the WCO and the other cams. It appears that on a WCO, it kicks in after the initial PIR Area Detection. So, it will not prevent the PIR from waking up from movement in the PIR Area

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@rap.tors you could of course just downgrade to get the rectangle back. I’m still using it with my ancient firmware on V2s. (Not sure if this applies to V3 but I think it does.)

Yes, use a stylus. I have a generic stylus (for my small tablet) that cost me $1.50 for close-in work like this.

Your finger might not be fat but on a small phone screen, it’s big enough to affect the squares surrounding your intended target square.

But note that not all styli are the same. Some like the stylus the Samsung Note phones have, won’t work with regular capacitive touch screens.

I no longer see the green motion rectangle option on the v2 and don’t recall ever seeing it on doorbell.

Beta v 2.19.16 iOS

Interesting. My V2 still shows the green motion rectangle as does my WCO and V3. The Doorbell is the only one which does not have an option for the Motion rectangle.

Are you sure you did not turn it off in the camera settings?

Android App: 2.19.12
iOS App: 2.19.16

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Oops. For v2, it wasn’t in settings but in More …

Wonder why they didn’t include it in doorbell.

I have three v3 cams placed around my property and was eagerly awaiting the detection grid (as the single rectangle is next to useless with the surrounding foliage, etc in NZ.)

I have the latest Wyze app (v2.19.14) and my phone is android 7.0.
All v3 cameras are on the latest firmware (
Looking at the detection settings, I still only have access to the rectangle and there is no grid option visible/available.
I’ve tried re-installing the app afresh and power cycling all cameras but with no luck. If it helps at all, the settings menu for each camera now takes about 5-6 seconds to load when it used to be instant.

Any ideas why the grid option isn’t appearing?
Thanks in advance

It was supposed to be one of the fixes in this release, but it isn’t there. Another screw up.

I wonder what previously fixed bug is back in this version?

The associated v3 firmware necessary for detection grid is still undergoing beta testing.

Ah I see…thanks for the info. Back to the rectangle then!

Cool. Sounds like these issues should have been hammered out in advance of release. Thanks for the info.

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Welcome to Wyze where all customers are Gamma Testers.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s the case with most companies these days - “just release it and the customer will tell us what’s wrong.”